Native American legend tells of a Chickasaw maiden and a Cherokee brave who met and loved in the capricious winds that swirl around the Blowing Rock in North Carolina.  Winds forceful enough to make snow fall upside down and powerful enough to blow a man back into the arms of his lover when he jumps from the cliff in despair.

Reunited, the two live happily for a while, until Fate, displeased with the maiden for calling on the Cherokee Wind Messengers to reverse destiny, tears them apart again.  When she dies at an early age, the brave appeals to Fate for another chance.  Fate allows them six more lifetimes to atone for their wrongdoing.  With each life they’re given the opportunity to prove their love is worthy of eternity.

The maiden comes to each lifetime without knowledge of what has happened in the past while the brave carries the story with him from one life to the next.  Connected by their psychic powers, they manage to find each other every time, but so far, they’ve been unable to find the key to unlock Fate’s hold on them.

Now, on their seventh and final time together, Schuyler and Josh are determined to change the Winds of Fate and find eternal happiness.