Tess Avery’s quest for the man of her dreams takes a frightening turn when the first two men she meets are brutally murdered. Enter Lieutenant Sam Marshall; tall, handsome, and yummy enough to set her imagination on fire.  She’s tempted to do more than fantasize, but she values her independence too much to get involved with an obvious alpha-male like him.  Still…all those sparks he’s giving off are enough to draw her closer to the flame, and when he kisses her, rational thought goes up in smoke as her body goes to permanent smolder.  Yikes!  Is it possible he’s the man she’s been searching for? Sam’s a good detective, but after meeting Tess his mind isn’t thinking about the job.  Instead, it’s filled with thoughts of sex – wild, blazing, out-of-control sex, with Tess, as soon as possible, as often as he can – maybe for the rest of his life.  Now, that’s a scary thought for a man like him.  He knows he should focus on the case and control his urges, but all that heat is clouding his judgment and steaming up his brain.  Is it possible he’s finally met the one woman who can make him give up his freedom?  The only things they have in common are irresistible desire and a growing number of dead bodies.  Can they stop a killer and stay alive long enough to claim their happy ending?     Excerpt

Growing old sucks, growing old sucks. The thought whirled through Tess Avery’s brain like an out-of-control dervish.Growing old sucks—yeah, okay, truer words and all that. Now, stop whining and focus! Come up with a plan, Tess, or you won’t have to worry about growing old because you’re going to be…don’t think it. Please, don’t think it! Think about your girls. Think about Sam. Oh, God, Sam, who showed you what real passion was. Sam, who made you believe in the possibility of happily ever after. Sam, who says he loves you.You remember that. Get your brain in gear and come up with a way to get out of this, or you’ll never know if true love is real or just a myth. Think, you idiot!Light glinted off the blade of the knife, and a new mantra slammed into her brain. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die!She strained against the scarves binding her wrists as he used the knife to slash open her nightgown, muttering as he worked, “You’re mine, Tess, you’re mine.”The words were repeated over and over, an off-beat echo of her spinning thoughts. Growing old sucks. You’re mine. Growing old sucks. You’re mine. I don’t want to die. You’re mine. I don’t want to die. You’re mine.Well, set it to music, Tess. It can be your funeral dirge because this lunatic is going to kill you if you don’t do something here!He folded back her gown and swept his eyes over her body. She shivered, shook her head in denial then stilled when the knife caught her attention. It gleamed in the light, sharp and shiny, hungry for her flesh, her blood and…oh God, please, I don’t want to die.He smiled as he set the knife on the bedside table, stroking the gleaming blade as if caressing a lover. After patting the handle fondly, he turned those crazed eyes back to Tess and whispered, “You are mine, Tess, my darling.”His hand moved toward her face. She cringed, but he only caressed her cheek, much like he had the knife just moments ago. Brushing the hair off her forehead, he leaned over to drop a chaste kiss there, followed by one on each cheek and, finally, one on the tip of her nose whispering, “You’re mine,” after each touch of his lips.The smile bloomed on his face once more.

Okay, that smile was starting to piss her off.

 DEATH BY INDIFFERENCE by Caitlyn HunterA woman’s quest for the man of her dreams ignites a killer’s vengeance and sets fire to the investigating detective’s heart. 

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