Look for my short story, The Secret Life of Alice Smitty, in the anthology PMS: Poison, Murder, Satisfaction.  Coming soon from L&L Dreamspell! 


What does it take to drive a woman to murder?  

In Alicia Smith’s case, three things.  One, her husband, James, has a heart attack followed by triple bypass surgery and has to stay home from work for eight weeks as he recuperates.  Two, her live-in maid runs off to a commune in New Hampshire and takes Alicia’s yardman with her.  Three, the appearance of Alice Smitty, who is determined to convince Alicia that killing James will solve all her problems.


Will Alicia take Alice’s advice and murder her husband?  Or will she resist temptation and make it through his at-home recovery without doing something that’s guaranteed to land her in prison?