Can Betty Sue snare one of the few remaining cougars in the Blue Ridge Mountains and find her fairy tale ending?

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Betty Sue’s grandfather calls her a “pert-near” woman, meaning everything about her is ordinary, maybe even a little dull. When her friend, Nathan, inadvertently puts her job as a middle-school librarian in danger, he offers her the use of his cabin on Eternity Mountain while she waits for the school board to decide her fate. She accepts, grateful for the chance to chase a dream or two, determined to become something more than a “pert-near” woman.
When she meets Nathan’s blood-brother, Marcus, she’s literally knocked off her feet. And when he tells her the truth about what he is, an immortal shape-shifter living under an ancient curse, Betty Sue doesn’t care, not when he has her dreaming of happily ever after.
Despite being hurt and confused when he tells her he loves her but he can’t ever marry her, Betty Sue risks her life to save him from one of the deadliest creatures on Eternity Mountain. As she recuperates in the hospital, she makes up her mind not to give him up without a fight and with the help of his brothers goes back up the mountain to confront him.

Storm Shadows is a finalist in the 2011 EPIC eBook Awards!