A few months ago I had to buy a new vacuum cleaner because my old one–which I’d had for a long time and dearly loved–died of natural causes.  So I bought a Bissell Easy Vac because it was lightweight and if you can believe their hype, easy to use.  It worked fine the first few times I used it but since then I’ve found that the Bissell Easy Vac is the most worthless piece of junk I’ve ever owned.

Lightweight, yes.  Easy to use, not on your life!  Unless you enjoy taking your vacuum cleaner apart and cleaning out the hoses every time you use it.  And I do mean every single time.  The hoses on this thing clog up at least twice every time I vacuum my house–which is once a week, by the way–and it’s not an easy chore to take the thing apart and clean them.

I should’ve taken it back the first time it happened, but I thought it was a one-time thing and so I gave it another chance.  Not to mention I no longer had the box it came in and I wasn’t sure the store would take it back.  When it continued to happen, I thought I’d use it only to vacuum my hardwood floors and buy another vacuum cleaner that could handle the carpet in the bedrooms and the area rugs in my living and dining rooms.  Problem is, when you use the Bissell Easy Vac to vacuum hardwood floors, all it does is blow the dirt around.  Seriously, you can see the pet hair, dust, etc. being spewed all over the floor.  Like I said, the most worthless piece of junk I’ve ever owned.

Thinking there was no way the store would take it back, I went on Bissell’s website and emailed them about the problem I was having, hoping they’d do something to help.  Another idiotic move.  After multiple emails back and forth with their “Consumer Services” department–a joke if I ever heard one.  Bissell, it seems, has no interest in servicing their consumers–during which it was implied that I must have a nasty house–how dirty can a house get in a week with only two people and one dog living in it?–and/or I was an idiot–hard to argue with that one because I did buy this useless piece of junk–they told me to take the vacuum to a registered dealer and have it professionally cleaned.

Oh, and by the way, I’d have to pay for the cleaning since that isn’t covered under the warranty.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  I may be an idiot for buying this thing, but I’m not stupid enough to throw good money after bad!  And I have to say, a vacuum cleaner that’s only a few months old SHOULD NOT have to be cleaned or serviced, professionally or otherwise…unless of course it’s a piece of worthless junk like the Bissell Easy Vac!  I’ve had vacuum cleaners for years and never once had to take them in to a registered dealer to be serviced.

So, here’s the deal, Bissell, I will never purchase another product with your name on it and I will tell everyone who’ll listen that Bissell puts out garbage and the company is not the least bit interested in standing behind their products or trying to keep their customers happy.  They’re only interested in taking your money and after they have, they don’t give a flying flip whether the customer is satisfied or not.

Apparently, I’m not the only person who has had trouble with Bissell’s Easy Vac.  Sure wish I’d seen that review before I bought!