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with an interesting article on Popeater that showcases Old Spice commercials through the years.  My dad used to wear Old Spice and I remember almost all of the commercials they dug up for the article–well, except for the one from 1957.  I’m not quite that old!  I haven’t seen it on TV yet but the newest Old Spice ad is a winner, one of those that you actually don’t mind seeing over and over again.  Hmm…maybe if we had more commercials like this one, I’d watch more TV.  Then again, maybe not, I’d still rather read a book  or even write one.

Speaking of which, I hit 41,000 words on my latest WIP yesterday.  Woo-hoo!  Halfway to the finish line.  Crossing my fingers that the dreaded mid-novel slump stays away!

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