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Feeling kind of down today because my husband is in Knoxville with his parents.  My father-in-law had a massive stroke the day before Thanksgiving and he’s been in the hospital or in a therapy/rehab center ever since then.  At first, we thought he might actually bounce right back after he got out of ICU and for a while it looked like he would…until he went to the first rehab/therapy place where he ended up with bedsores and an infection.  When his blood pressure dropped so low it barely registered on the monitor, the doctors there finally wised up and sent him back to the hospital.  He was re-admitted to ICU and we were told he probably wouldn’t make it but thankfully, he pulled through and is now in a different rehab center.  They’ve done wonders with him there and he’s getting better every day.

During all that, my mother-in-law started having problems remembering things.  We thought it was just the stress–they’ve been married for 55 years and this is the first time she’s ever really been without him–but when we took her to the neurologist to be checked, he diagnosed her with dementia.

So, my husband and his brothers and sister have had to make some tough decisions about what to do next.  Thank goodness his parents had already put their house on the market before all this happened.  The house sold a couple of weeks ago and now the kids are trying to find the best-case living scenario for their parents.  Dad’s pretty much set for a while in the rehab/therapy center, but what to do with Mom?

Assisted living seems to be the answer so my husband is over there today looking for the right place for her–and for his dad when he’s finally able to come home.

As for me, I’m home alone–well, not exactly alone, I do have the dogs with me–because of the darned MS.  No energy, wacky balance, and blurry vision so I didn’t think I should chance going with him and making it worse.  He’s got enough to worry about!

Hopefully, when he calls tonight, he’ll have found the perfect place for his mom and he’ll be able to come back home tomorrow.  We’ve only been married 34 years–a mere pittance compared to his parents–and I miss him.  Sure, most of the time I’m fine on my own and in fact, I prefer being “home alone” but I think that’s because I know he’s somewhere close by, like at the office, the golf course, or shopping at one of his two favorite places, Lowe’s or Home Depot.

I can’t imagine going through what his mom’s going through right now.  It really has me rethinking all those times I wished I was single and feeling a little ashamed because of the envy I’ve felt for women who are on their own without a husband to bother them.  I love my husband–even though he can be a pain in the butt sometimes–and I don’t ever want to go through what my mother-in-law is going through right now.

So, that’s what has me down in the dumps today.  On the other hand, I have been able to get some research done and even a little bit of writing.  And tomorrow, we’re supposed to have sunshine after three days of snow, sleet, ice and rain.  Yay!

…and to think I used to love winter.  But that was when I lived in Maine.  Winter’s different up there.  You expect the snow and the ice but it’s like a slap in the face when we get it down here.  Still, I’m glad we moved back to the south–especially since all this happened.

Rain, rain, won’t you please go away,
And don’t come back some other day,
It rained the entire month of May,
I’m sick of rain, I have to say!

The month of June I beg and pray
For beaming sun day after day
I want to go outside and play
‘Neath skies of blue instead of gray!

Yes, it’s raining here–again!  We had a few days earlier in the week with sunshine and I was hoping it was an omen for June, but no, the rain came back.  At least we’re not under the Flash Flood watch anymore–for now!  Do you know how hard it is to grow a garden without sunshine?   Well, let me tell you, it can’t be done.  My garden, or what’s left of it, is slowly rotting away and I doubt we’ll see much home grown vegetables this year.  Home grown mush is about all we can hope for and who wants mush, home grown or otherwise?

On the other hand, my shade-loving perennials are doing great and the Mountain Laurels?  Gorgeous!  So I’ll leave you with a pic of one of the massive bushes in my back yard.  Hope it brightens your day wherever you are!

Mountain Laurel09.jpg

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