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The word is the famous groundhog of Gobbler’s Knob saw his shadow this morning which means, unfortunately, another six weeks of winter.


I’m thinking ol’ Punx Phil got it wrong–at least as far as western North Carolina goes.  We had sunshine yesterday, after a weekend of snow and ice, but this morning it’s cloudy and rainy and there’s no way anyone saw a shadow of anything.  Well, except me because I’m seeing a huge shadow of doubt here…

I think I’ll go with the Germans on this one.  German tradition holds that if a hibernating animal sees his shadow on February 2nd then there’s going to be six more weeks of winter.  Notice it doesn’t say anything about Punxsutawney Phil, he’s only one of the many hibernating animals in the world, it just says a hibernating animal.  I guarantee the hibernating animals in my neck of the woods didn’t see their shadow today.

Hopefully, that means we won’t have six more weeks of winter.  As for Punxsutawney Phil and his fellow Pennsylvanians, they’re on their own!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Found a list on Moviefone of the Worst Holiday Movies and boy, did they hit the nail on the head–or in keeping with the season, light up my Christmas tree.  The list includes several movies I consider really bad, and two that are on my list of the worst movies ever made, holiday or not. 

Number 14 on the list is the remake of Miracle on 34th Street, which is one of the worst Christmas movies I’ve ever seen and an absolute failure as far as remakes go–yeah, I know, that’s not saying much since most remakes are horrible–but this one is particularly bad.  I hated the whole thing and I almost threw a shoe at the TV when I saw how they changed the ending.

But that wasn’t the best part of the list.  The best, in my opinion, is the movie they named as the number one bad Holiday Movie; How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Whoever made the list should be showered with Christmas kisses and wrapped in a warm holiday hug!  Seriously, that movie just flat-out stinks.  What was Ron Howard thinking? 

It’s no secret I hate remakes and the fact that there are so many out there makes me wonder if there’s something rotten in the water in Hollywood.  Bad enough when they screw around with some of the classic films that I love so much, but come on, don’t mess with my Christmas movies!  Talk about something that makes me see red–and not in a cheerful Christmassy sort of way!

If you want to see a good Christmas movie, check out Christmas in Connecticut–not the remake directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original starring Barbara Stanwyck–or The Bishop’s Wife–again, not the remake, the original with Cary Grant–or The Man Who Came to Dinner–playing tonight on Turner Classic Movies at 8–or of course, there’s always It’s a Wonderful Life and several versions of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, most of which are pretty good. 

Anything but the remake of Miracle or Ron Howard’s take on The Grinch.  Just watching either of those is enough to land you on Santa’s Naughty List–and you know what that means!

Today seems to be a day for words.  Of course, being an author, that’s pretty much an everyday thing for me but today especially, I have words on my mind.

I read an article this morning by Michael Hill about a poll conducted by Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York that determined the most annoying word used in conversations these days is “whatever.”  Really?  I love that word.  It can be used in so many ways to express a myriad of feelings; disgust, anger, discontent, and yes, annoyance.

“Whatever” doesn’t bother me at all, but I do have a few pet peeves when it comes to popular words/phrases.  Most annoying, in my opinion, is “my bad.”  I really hate that one and am sick of hearing it.  It’s nothing more than a way of getting out of apologizing for something…in other words, it’s a cop-out–remember that one?

Second to “my bad” is one that was also ranked as number two on the Marist College poll; “you know.”  I thought that was just me because I watch a lot of sports and athletes tend to use that one a lot.  And I do mean a lot.  With some of them, it seems they can’t get through one sentence without saying “you know” at least twice.  Anyway–another word that made the list–apparently I’m not alone on “you know” but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as annoying as “my bad,” which didn’t even make the list.

What about you?  Do you have any words or phrases that make you want to scream in annoyance/anger/disgust/exasperation…um, whatever?

What’s in a word? (Part 2) is on the Dames of Dialogue blog.

Red Sox Rumbles–Come on guys, one more game, that’s all you need, just one more game.  How hard can that be?  I bet you can do it tonight so what’d’ya say?  Hmmm?  Show Toronto who’s boss and then you can slide into the off-season.  I’m pulling for you!

Phillips Phfffts–I suppose everyone heard at some point during the last week that Mackenzie Phillips is proclaiming to the world at large that she had an incestuous ten year relationship with her father, John Phillips, of The Mamas & the Papas.  Is it just me or does anyone else find this revelation highly suspicious in light of the fact that Ms. Phillips has another book coming out soon?

Phillips Phfffts, Part 2–Tony Curtis, who also has a new book coming out, is now claiming that Marilyn Monroe was pregnant with his child while they were both married to other people.   Supposedly, Ms. Monroe miscarried the baby and that was the end of that.  Any bets on this being true or just another case of a celebrity drumming up interest in a book?  I guess you know what I think.

Random Rant–how in the world do these people get book contracts (hint–by promising to include at least one juicy revelation that will sell their book) and who in the world reads the books?  Seriously, their secrets are pasted all over the Internet well before the book comes out so why would anybody spend money on something they can get for free?  I’ve heard it said that publishers never make back the advances they pay out to these so-called celebrities (read, has-beens) but still they keep giving them book deals.  Surely they’re not losing money on every single one of the books, are they?  If they are, somebody needs to go back to college and take a business course.

Cardinal Congrats–my third favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, are going to the post season.  Now if the Rockies make it or the Braves (one of them has to, I think) then four of my favorite teams will be playing in October.  Congrats also to the Yankees and the Dodgers…and did I read somewhere the Angels made it?  If they did, congrats to them too.  It’s shaping up to be an interesting play-off season!  And it’ll be all that much better if my Red Sox quit tormenting me and win tonight!  And Baltimore, better luck next year!

Okay, that’s it.  Just wanted a break from writing and those were the things that caught my attention during the couple of days.  I know there were more, but my mind, well, she’s a little mushy right now.  Back to writing…

Got a question for the more experienced–or perhaps I should say, the more computer-savvy–bloggers out there.   What the heck is the deal with these people who come to your blog and leave comments like the following:

CC8gNK whlmalxnhjfk, [url=]ngobpdstuqky[/url], [link=]kxhymhnynisi[/link], http://kwgyvvf

I get these all the time, both on this blog and on the Dames of Dialogue blogand I have to wonder about the people who leave them.  Do they really expect any blogger to approve their useless and unreadable comments or click on the link they usually include somewhere in that gobblety-gook of letters?  I never do, instead I delete each and every one of them–and yes, I broke the links on this one before I posted it.  Still, I suppose if a reader is desperate enough, they can figure out what I did and reconstruct the URL, but seriously, is there anyone out there who wants to do that?  I doubt it, but just in case, click at your own risk!

Some of them are sneaky though, and actually take the time to type a legible sentence or two that pertains to the entry they’re pretending to be commenting on…but Akismet always catches them and sends them straight to my Spam folder.

Akismet is like a lifeguard who never goes off duty, constantly patrolling the beaches of WordPress, tossing out numerous nets to snare all those unwanted visitors to our blogs, thereby saving us from drowning in the mire of stupid and senseless advertisements for things only an idiot would buy and probably don’t work anyway.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank heaven for Akismet!

the gosselins
see more Lol Celebs

Almost choked on my coffee when I saw this. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of these people!

gosselinI haven’t a clue who these people are, but I really wish they’d go away.  I’m sick of seeing their faces on my computer screen every single day.

Seriously, who are they and what have they ever done to garner this type of fame notoriety?

It seems just about anybody can be famous these days for any number of reasons, the main one, IMO, an over-sized ego that doesn’t care why people are paying attention, just as long as they’re paying attention.

I used to see that  a lot when I was teaching.  You know, the kid who misbehaves just so their parents/teachers/friends/etc. will pay attention to them?  Seems they’ve grown up and are now misbehaving on the Internet. 

Does this mean we’re going to keep seeing more and more of this kind of spotlight-seeking-stupidity?

Dignity, if you’re not dead already, I’m afraid your time is coming soon…RIP

*Picture by Getty Images

clemensI really hoped we’d seen and heard the last of you, but no, here you are again. 

The really sad thing about Roger Clemens saying he wants to write a book, is the fact that some publisher out there will probably offer him an advance in the milliions to do just that.  Will anyone read it?  Probably not.  At least I hope not, my wish for any book by Roger Clemens is that it sells about as well as the book about Alex Rodrigez that came out a couple of months ago by that SI writer.  The way I hear it, that one’s not doing so well.

Wait, now that I think about it, Clemens getting a book deal might actually turn out to be a good thing.  Let’s say some publisher pays him an outrageous advance to write his book of lies, and then it doesn’t sell anywhere near enough copies to warrant the payment of such a large advance.  Surely, someone, somewhere might finally get the message that no one cares to read a book by a used-up sports star whose entire career was made up of lies and questionable behavior and maybe, just maybe, that will be the last of the ridiculous advances paid not just to sports stars, but to any celebrity for a book about their life.  Then, miracle of miracles, that advance money can go to someone who knows how to write and actually has a story to tell.

Okay, rant over.  Sorry but this is a pet peeve of mine and thinking about the likelihood of this piece of scum getting a book contract from some big publisher just flat-out infuriates me.  And really, I have to agree with Matt Snyder’s post on FanHouse; what’s left to tell?  More lies, and I find it hard to believe that there’s anybody out there who wants to listen.

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