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Yay for TOMS Shoes and their One Day Without Shoes!  In case you haven’t heard of this, TOMS Shoes is asking everyone to spend at least a little time today barefoot so we’ll all know what it’s like for those who don’t have shoes.  I can get behind that since I spend quite a bit of time without shoes every day, especially now that spring has finally arrived.  The thing is, I choose to go barefoot but some people don’t have the choice.  So, go ahead, kick off your shoes and walk around in your bare feet for a while–and don’t forget to imagine  what it would be like if you didn’t have the option of putting your shoes back on.  Oh, and the next time you’re shopping for shoes, think about buying a pair of TOMS Shoes, they’ll donate a pair to someone who needs them for every pair you buy!

In the Say It Ain’t So department (aka Nay!) the Red Sox lost again last night.  Phhffftttt!  But like I said in yesterday’s post, we still have a lot of games to go and I refuse to start worrying–yet!  My thoughts on the two lost games–they’re not playing like a team.  I’m hoping by the All-star break they’ll be more comfortable with each other and able to think like a team.  Of course, that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong!

And finally, someone in Hollywood is making a movie that isn’t a remake.  Universal is filming Cowboys & Aliens and it sounds like a movie I’d really like to see.  And it sure doesn’t hurt–in my eyes, at least, that Harrison Ford has just signed on as one of the stars.  Okay!

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