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We got four inches of rain yesterday and although it’s not raining today–thank goodness!–my husband and I woke this morning to a broken water pipe which means we have no water and that–horror of horrors!–means I haven’t had my morning gallon of coffee.  Not a good day so far, but the plumber is here now and hopefully I’ll have water–and coffee!–soon. 

A few things on my mind today:

1.  Last week was a bad week for writers.  Don’t know if it was something in air or what, but we lost two of the best, Robert B. Parker, author of the Spenser series, and Erich Segal, author of Love Story.  Mr. Parker was sitting at his desk working when he died and I couldn’t help but think that’s the way every author would want to go.

2.  Last Tuesday was Edgar Allen Poe’s 200th birthday and though he’s been gone for a long time there’s still a mystery surrounding him.  Every year for the past 60 years, an unknown person visited Poe’s gravesite on his birthday and left three roses and a half-full bottle of cognac on the grave.  Seems fitting somehow for Poe to have a mysterious visitor but this year, the mystery person failed to appear.  Since no one knew who the person was, no one knows why they didn’t show this year.  Just another mysterious day in the Poe neighborhood.

3.  Congrats to the Colts and the Saints for making it to the Super Bowl.  Should be a good game even though I can’t decide who to root for.

4.  Interesting and fun post on Monday Dialogue with Guest today.  Linda Bulger is talking about knitting.  I’m a sometimes knitter and I learned a few things.  Check it out at the Dames of Dialogue blog!

5.  I spent most of yesterday organizing my Word files and I’m still not finished.  Amazing how many files I have.  I did delete a few but not enough to make a difference so it looks like I’ll be back at it again this afternoon–that is, if I can get my eyes uncrossed and my brain unfried.

6.  Also spent quite a bit of time researching the Melungeons.  Interesting people and they play a big part in the WIP I’m working on with my sister about my great aunt’s life.  Did you know Virginia passed a Racial Purity Act in 1924 and the Supreme Court upheld it in 1927, which led to 30 more states passing the same type of law?  What is it about humans that they always have to have someone to persecute?  

And that’s it for this non-rainy day and Monday.  Time to go check on the plumber and see how that water thing’s coming along…

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