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I saw a post the other day on Lemondrop about a woman who’d committed to a year of living dangerously…well, not so much danger, more like exciting, thrilling, trying something new every week.  You get the picture.  Think of it as a Bucket List for the young and daring.  After all, baking cupcakes isn’t really dangerous unless you set the kitchen on fire by doing something incredibly stupid, but if you’ve never baked cupcakes before, I suppose that qualifies as an adventure.  And some of the other things she’s done, like jumping off a 20 feet stone embankment into a river, well, with my fear of heights, no, not even going to think about doing that.

Anyway, I was intrigued by what she’s doing and thought it might be fun but…the MS pretty much prohibits the physical adventures and since I’m old and set in my ways and for the most part, not into new adventures, I decided to put her challenge to the test in the one part of my life that really needs to be shaken up–my writing.  Ive gotten a little lackadaisical where my writing is concerned and with a new book coming out soon, I really need to step up my promotions and maybe while I’m at it, try a few new adventures in the actual writing part.

So…I’ve decided to try to do something new and different in my writing life for the next year.  Not so much a life challenge as a writing challenge.  Can I do it?  Who knows.  Where will it take me?  Again, who knows.  Hopefully, we’ll find out.  My biggest problem right now is coming up with 52 new things to try.  I have a few and hopefully as I get further into this challenge, more will rear their ugly heads occur to me and I’ll add them to the list.

Which reminds me, I need to actually work on the list.  Hmm…maybe that could be one of the challenges, coming up with the list.

Anyway, this week’s challenge:  put up a blog post every single day.  Okay, maybe I’ll take the weekends off, so let’s say every single weekday.  That means five blog entries for this week…

One down, four to go!

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