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but I don’t think I had many when I was in my twenties.  Not like these women anyway.  Oh sure, just like the song says, I had a few but not that many.  Then again, maybe I’m just too old to remember or maybe the things I regretted back then just don’t seem to be as important now that I’m older.

The reason I’m thinking about regrets today is because I ran across an article on Lemondrop last night, Secret Regrets–If You Could Do One Thing Over, What Would It Be?  It’s about a book that’s a bestseller on Amazon Kindle, Secret Regrets: What if You Had a Second Chance?  The article focuses on women in their twenties and the regrets they have.  All I could think about when I read it was what a good idea the author, Kevin Hansen, had and that every romance writer that read the article would be instantly inundated with ideas for not just one, but many books.

Don’t know if I’ll buy the book, I have too many WIPs, not to mention more ideas for books than I could write in two lifetimes, but I have to say it would be a goldmine if I’m ever stuck for ideas.

Now, if I could just get that song out of my mind, I could get back to working on my latest WIP.  72,000 words and counting…

Whistling Woman by CC Tillery

Winds of Fate

Storm Shadows

Snow Shadows

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