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The first thing I saw when I logged onto AOL this morning was Suddenly. Earth-Friendly E-Readers Are Everywhere by Terrence Chapman.  Interesting article about how switching to e-books instead of paper books–or dead-tree books, as I’ve heard them called–will help the earth and reduce the carbon footstep you leave behind.  It also lists the different types of e-readers out now and the ones that will arrive by the end of the year.

I’m all for e-books and have been reading them for a while now but I don’t have an e-reader and am thinking of getting one, so I was more interested in list of different readers.  As I clicked on the first one, the Amazon Kindle, I was distracted by this:

thStackofBooks“It has enough storage to carry about 1,500 books — in other words, more than most people read in a life time.”

Huh?  1500?  Seriously, I’d wager my entire library that I’ve read a lot more than 1500 books so far in my life and–hopefully!–I’ll read a lot more by the time it’s over.

But then I got to thinking, 1500 is a large number, and maybe, just maybe I haven’t read more than 1500.  I thought about starting a list of all the ones I remember reading, beginning with…well, truthfully, I can’t remember what the first book I ever read was.  I’ve been reading since I was four–the result of parents who were avid readers–but I do remember my first trip to our small local library and after that, it seemed I was never without a book in my hands.  But the first one, nope, can’t remember what it was.

So the idea of doing a list sort of died before it was even born but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Just one of those niggling little thoughts that won’t go away no matter what else you’re doing, you know?  Then I was on one of the social networking sites that I really enjoy, Likaholix, and I saw their little note on becoming a tastemaker.  To be a tastemaker on Likaholix, you have to have “liked” at least ten things in a given category.  I clicked on the little red heart and found that I’m already considered a tastemaker in three categories, books, movies, and something else I don’t remember.  I clicked books and seconds later a little red heart appeared next to my name meaning I’m a tastemaker in books so…

now I’m going to try to “like” all the books I’ve read and when I get finished listing them–if I ever do!–I’ll know if I’ve read more than “most people.”

Yikes!  Another way to waste my time on the Internet!  And now that I think about it, I probably should be doing this on GoodReads or Shelfari where I already have a lot more books listed than I do on Likaholix.  Oh well…I guess I can do it there too.  After all, I’ve always heard if you’re going to do something–waste time on the Internet, for instance–do it right!

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