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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve created a monster.  Not one composed of different parts of dead human beings but one made of a living, breathing animal. 

Hmm…perhaps I should start from the beginning.  The vet recently told me that one of my dogs, Des, is a few pounds overweight.  I don’t see it, but I figure a vet should know so I decided to start taking him on daily walks around our subdivision–my husband says I’m crazy since we have a large fenced-in backyard where the dogs can run and get plenty of exercise.  My other dog, Fletch, takes full advantage of it but Des…well, Des is a mama’s boy and he wants to be with me at all times.  That doesn’t allow for much exercise since I spend the majority of my time sitting in my office writing–with Des usually sprawled at my feet, snoring.

Daily walks seemed just the thing so I’ve abandoned the 30 minutes a day on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes of walking.  The thing is, Des loves the walks and until he gets what he wants, he won’t leave me alone so I can do other things, like finish a manuscript or edit a WIP.  He sits here by my chair and just stares at me until I get up, get his harness and leash, and take him for a walk.  After that, he’s fine and sometimes even detaches himself from my side and takes a nap in the living room or dining room instead of in my office.

But…is he losing weight?  I can’t tell and at over a hundred pounds, he’s too big for me to pick up and step on the scale with him to check.  He does look like he’s toned up a bit but then I never thought he was overweight in the first place so what do I know.  I guess we’ll find out in a couple of months when we go back to the vet for his checkup.

It’s snowing here again and though I’ll admit it’s pretty, I just want it to stop.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but I’ve had enough.  It is not supposed to snow this much in the South!  I wouldn’t mind if I still lived in Maine–at least I think I wouldn’t!–but down here in the South I don’t like seeing all this white stuff fall from the sky.  Not only does it create problems driving, but it seriously creates problems at home.  Hardwood floors, dogs, and snow are not a pretty mix!

So please, someone make it stop!

And while we’re talking about stopping, I saw an article on-line this morning about a remake–gah!  I hate that word!–of The Big Valley.  Sheesh.  To make matters worse, the article also mentioned they’re working on a remake–there’s that awful word again!–of Gunsmoke.  What?  Are all the writers/directors/producers in Hollywood against making movies with original ideas?  Have they all embraced some new religion that practices redundancy while it spurns originality?

Is it any wonder I don’t go to the movies anymore?  Apparently, there’s nothing new under the sun in Hollywood.  It’s all been done before, and done better, I might add, and I have no interest in seeing the movie stars of today butcher the roles of the great actors of the past.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, here’s something I don’t want to stop–today is Spring Training Truck Day at Fenway!  Yay!  You know what that means, don’t you?  Yep, the trucks are on their way to Ft. Myers, Florida and baseball season is just around the corner.

Now there’s something to look forward to!

Another thing I don’t want to stop is the progress I’m making on my latest WIP.  I just hit 35,000 words which means I should be at 40,000 when I finish the first half of the book.  Just where I hoped.  Yippee! 

Okay, back to work…

Herbie, a huge elm tree believed to be around 240 years old, stood sentinel on the corner of East Main Street and Yankee Drive in Yarmouth, Maine.  I was lucky enough to see Herbie when my husband and I lived in Maine and I hate knowing that he finally lost his battle with Dutch elm disease.  RIP Herbie!

–Less than a month to go until the pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.  Yippee and yahoo!  Will the Red Sox go to the series this year?  Hard to say, I’m thinking…nope, not gonna happen, not this year…but honestly, right now, I don’t care if they do or not.  I just want to see some baseball!

–Why do my dogs prefer their blue chew toys over the orange ones?  Are they, like my husband, color blind?  Turns out they are…to a degree.  Check out this cool chart if you want to know how your dog sees colors–it also answers the question of why my husband once picked up a pink t-shirt and started to buy it.  I almost fainted because I knew he hated the color pink–don’t ask me how he determined that when he can’t even see it!–and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything pink. 

–Yikes!  Saw an article the other day about the so-called “plus-size” models Glamour magazine has started using and it said any model who wears a size 8 or 10 is considered plus-size.  Oh really?  I’m 5’7 1/2″ tall, I weigh around 125 pounds, and I wear a size 8  or 10 which, I suppose, means I qualify as a “plus-size” woman.  So how come everybody’s always asking me how I stay so thin?  And take a look at this picture:  

lara-stone-vogueThat’s Lara Stone.  Ms. Stone is a model who according to another article on Lemondrop, wears a size 4, and she says people often tell her she’s fat.  WTF?  Seriously, somebody needs to take a horsewhip to whoever decided the “perfect” woman is a size 2 or less.  Sheesh!

And while we’re on the subject of size, she looks more like a size 6 or maybe even an 8 to me.  Do designer sizes run larger than…what do they call them?  Off -the rack- clothes…that doesn’t sound right but my brain’s about meandered out so I hope you get what I’m saying.  She’s a size 4 and she looks about the same size as me but I wear a size 8 or 10.  Do those designers fudge with the sizes so they can sell more clothes to the rich and vain?  Does that really matter to women?  I’d be more inclined to fork over my money if they shaved a few numbers off the price instead of the size!

In case you don’t know about LBD, here’s the email (thanks, Christy, for sending it!) which includes her heartbreaking story and the link to sign a petition:

To my friends: Many of you have heard about LBD and the horrific thing that was done to her. The person responsible for the extreme abuse will appear in court in Knoxville, TN Friday, December 11th. If you are not familiar with who LBD is and the case against Jimmy Lovell, please read the story below. At the bottom of the page is a link that leads to a petition that will be presented to the court on Friday on LBD’s behalf. Please help to be the voice for those who cannot speak. The goal is five thousand signatures.

On Nov 3, 2009 Jimmy Lovell was arrested for dragging this little 17-pound terrier mix behind his truck on the streets of Knoxville,TN. This dog is now known as “LBD” (little brown dog). Authorities allege that Lovell dragged the dog for several miles behind his truck. Police were told that several people attempted to stop the driver before he stopped near Middlebrook Pike, got out, walked toward the back of the vehicle while cursing at the witnesses, jerked the dog off the ground, removed the rope from the truck, threw the bloody dog into the passenger side of the vehicle and drove away, the dog was found shortly thereafter on the side of the road, barely alive. In shock, LBD was rushed to the intensive care unit at the University of Tennessee’s  John and Ann Tickle Small Animal Hospital with  horrific thermal burns from the incident but is a fighter said Dr. Patti Sura, small animal surgeon. Still in the intensive care unit of the college’s  John and Ann Tickle Small Animal Hospital, the dog continues to get pain medication and has been under anesthesia as her wounds are cleaned and the dead tissue removed. 

Update Dec 1st : LBD had skin grafts on the pads of her feet  and they are healing on track.  LBD has a long way to go but she is indeed a fighter.  

Jimmy Lovell has been charged with felony intentional animal abuse and goes to court on Friday, December 11, 2009   location: 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN.

We ask that Mr. Lovell receives the maximum punishment allowable for this heinous crime.  Anyone that would drag a defenseless 17 lb dog miles behind a truck deserves no leniency.  If it were not for the witnesses that forced him to stop and for the wonderful medical treatment she has received, LBD would be nothing more than another dead dog on the side of the road.  We must put a stop to this and all animal abuse and we urge everyone in the area of Knoxville, TN to go to court on December 11th in support of this sweet, brave angel known around the world at LBD!—courtdate-dec-11-knoxville-tn

If you’re an animal lover like me, I hope you’ll add your name to the petition to help ensure animal abuser Jimmy Lovell gets the punishment he deserves for what he did to LBD!

We’re smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer and next Wednesday is National Dog Day so this week the Dames of Dialogue are honoring our furry friends with a Friday Favorites post about dogs!  Yep, that’s right, we’ve gone to the dogs!  Christy’s posted a great article about the benefits of having a dog in your life.

I’ve heard it said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a dog is a man’s…but I beg to differ.  In my case, the only diamonds that get me excited are baseball diamonds, especially when it’s the Red Sox out there playing.  As for dogs being a man’s best friend?  Phhffft!  Not in my house!  My canine pals much prefer me to my husband.  Hmmm, well, okay, that’s probably because I’m the one who feeds and takes care of them, but hey, every great relationship involves a little giving and a little taking and the love they give me in return far outweighs a couple of bowls of kibble a day!

 So, hop on over to the Dames of Dialogue and let us know what you think about dogs.  Do you have one or two or even more fur-faced friends in your life?  Tell us!  The inquiring dames want to know!


But  before you go, see that badge over in my sidebar for the Animal Rescue Site?  Click on it and help feed a rescued animal.  It’ll take maybe 5 seconds of your time and I guarantee it’ll make you feel great.  It’s just one more way dogs can make you feel better!

If you’re a dog lover like me, and even if you aren’t, check out the interview with Amber Keirn on the Dames of Dialogue blog today.

Amber runs Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue in Knoxville, TN, and she gives us some insights on how she got started doing that.  There’s also a picture of Emma, my sister, Christy’s current hu-dog, as she calls them.  Find out why she gave these special dogs that name and take a look at Emma.  She’s a beauty and believe me, she’s everything Amber and Christy say is wonderful about this breed.

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