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That was the subject of an email I received yesterday from my publisher and I have to tell you, I did a double-take when I saw it.  The first thing to pop into my head was thank goodness L&L Dreamspell is in Texas ’cause they can’t see me from there!

As it turns out, one of the owners, Linda Houle, she of the fabulous cover art, has a new non-fiction book out, The Naked Truth About Book Publishing and it sounds like something every author should read:

The Naked Truth about Book Publishing takes a quick and dirty peek at the realities of publishing. Whether you are an author, independent publisher, or just an avid reader, it’s critical to know what’s happening and how current changes affect you!”

It’s available now on Kindle–just click on the title above and it’ll take you to the listing on Amazon!–and will soon hit other on-line retailers.  I haven’t read it yet but I’ve talked to a couple of people who have and they’re raving about it.  Congratulations, Linda, can’t wait to read it!

In other news, Betty Dravis has a new interview up on the Dames of Dialogue blog.  This one is with Katherin Kovin Pacino–yes, she’s Al’s step-mom–and she’s also an actress.  As usual Betty asked intriguing questions and Ms. Pacino deftly answered them.  It’s a fascinating interview, one you really don’t want to miss so hop on over to the Dames’ Blog and check it out!  And don’t forget to leave a comment!

In my everyday life, I’ve been planting my garden–yippee for spring!–and keeping an eye on my guys who are on a roadtrip right now.  They’re not doing very well but hey, it’s early yet.  We still have scads of baseball to play this year–did I mention it’s spring?  Yippee!  I’m also working on Whistling Woman–about 45,000 words!–and doing some research on the third book in my Shadows series–Cherokee wolf legends!–while slowly but surely doing some spring cleaning–the only part of spring I don’t like!

And that’s about it from me.  Time to go back to work…

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted anything here.  So much for that class on being a good blogger.  I guess my mind was otherwise occupied when the teacher talked about the importance of blogging at least once a week.  Oops and yikes!

Anyway, I have been busy.  Between weekend trips to Knoxville to help my mother-in-law move and see my father-in-law–who’s now walking again.  Yay!–I’ve been working on a short story for a free read promotion on Cata in April.  Based on the Cherokee legend of Atagahi, it’s about a female shape-shifter who gets shot and the hero takes her to the Enchanted Lake to heal her.  I finished it yesterday but it stilll needs some serious editing before I send it in.

I’ve also been getting my garden going–in between the rain and snow showers.  Yep, I said snow, it snowed here yesterday.  Again, yikes!  Thank goodness the plants in my garden seem to have survived but I’m fervently praying that’s the last snow I see for a while–like until December 24th!  So far, I’ve planted broccoli, lettuce, onions and a few herbs, all plants that can withstand cooler weather.  I’m hoping to get the carrot seeds out tomorrow before it starts to rain again.

Writing and gardening, two things I love to do so I figured I needed to balance that with something I don’t like at all…spring cleaning.  All I’ve got to say about that is…yuck!  I’d much rather be writing or gardening!

Okay, now on to the real reason I’m here–the Dames of Dialogue have a new interview up with author Dorothy Francis.  It’s a fascinating insight into the mind of a mystery writer so check it out and don’t forget to leave Dorothy a comment!

As I alternate between staring out the window at the snow and researching mastitis in the late 19th century for my WIP, my guys are playing their first spring training game down in Florida.  Sure do wish I was down there with them.  I could really use a shot of summer right now and for me, nothing says “summer” like a baseball game!

Hey, look at that, the sun just popped out.  My yard looks like it’s been dusted with diamond dust.  It sure is beautiful on the snow but still I hope the fact that the sun finally came out means the snow will be gone soon and the temps will rise out of the thirties.  This winter has lasted long enough and I’m ready for some summer!

And you know what that means–baseball!  Yay!  Go Red Sox!

Okay, back to my research…but first, the Dames have a new interview up today with author and publisher, Wendy Dingwall.  Ever wonder why it takes so long for your book to come out after you sign a contract?  Well, Wendy explains it all on the Dames of Dialogue blog.  Check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Having a bad day at work?  Why not take a page from author Mark Rosendorf’s book and put those bad days to work for you?

Find out how he did it and how it turned out on today’s Dames’ Dozen!

Amazing interview on the Dames of Dialogue today with author, animal communicator, and healer Nancy Kaiser.  Yep, that’s right I said animal communicator.  Nancy is like a real-life Dr. Dolittle and she tells us all about her wonderful ability plus a little about some of the animals she’s “talked” to and what they taught her.

She also talks about something I’ve believed in for a long time now–reincarnation–and why she believes in it too.

Fascinating and thought provoking!  If you’re an animal lover–or even if you’re not–check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Yep, you read that right, depression can be your friend.  Why do I say that when everyone knows depression is extremely tough to deal with and sometimes can even prove to be lethal?  Because it was a bout of depression I suffered after being diagnosed with MS that finally made me get serious about writing.  My life hasn’t been the same since that happened and according to schuyler kaufman, the latest author interviewed on the Dames of Dialogue, it was depression after her divorce that got her writing too.

So, yes,depression can be your friend but chances are, if it is, you won’t understand that until long after your new pal has packed up and moved out of your life.  It’s sneaky that way.

Check out schuyler’s fascinating interview on the Dames of Dialogue blog and don’t forget to leave a comment!

I do!  Never have been a shoe person, take me to a mall and the first place I head is the bookstore.  I’d much rather have a new book than a new pair of shoes!

If you’re like me, the latest Dames’ Dozen is for you.  It features Joyce Sterling Scarbrough, a women’s fiction author who says she writes chick-lit for women with more books than shoes.  Yep, I checked and that would definitely be me!

Check out Joyce Scarbrough’s intriguing interview on the Dames of Dialogue blog and as usual, don’t forget to leave a comment!

Two days before Christmas and the Dames of Dialogue have a special present for all you WOOF-ers out there, an interview with author Diana Black, one of the original WOOF-ers!

What’s a WOOF-er, you ask?  Women Only Over Fifty, of course!  And today one of the founding members of this awesome group answers the Dames’ Dozen.  I hope you’ll check out her uplifting interview and don’t forget to leave a howl comment!

The latest Dames’ Dozen is up and this one is a real humdinger–Betty Dravis interviews Marissa Autumn.  Betty calls her a Teen Dynamo and after reading the interview, I have to agree.  This young woman is only nineteen years old but wait till you read the list of things she’s already done with her life.  Impressive…and okay, I’ll admit, a little tiring.

Hop on over to the Dames of Dialogue and check it out!  I think I’ll take a short nap or drink a gallon of coffee and see if I can’t drum up a fraction of the energy Marissa has!

Latest Dames’ Dozen is up and this week we threw away all the rules in honor of Ted “Mac” McNabb, the Apprentice Angel from my book Unwilling Angel. Mac doesn’t believe in following the rules so no author this week. Unless of course, you count Mac since he was loosely based on one of my favorite authors. Instead, you get a peek into the making of a character plus a look into the future–at least as far as Mac’s concerned–and you also get more than the standard allotment of a dozen questions.

Check it out at the Dames of Dialogue blog and please, please, please–for my sake and Mac’s–leave a comment!

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