Romance of My Dreams includes my short story, Third Time’s for Keeps!  Available now in print at Amazon and B&N, and in ebook for the Kindle and at Fictionwise!


Jan Garnett and Keith Sanders fell in love in high school, but went their separate ways after graduation.  They reconnect briefly in college, but are torn apart by a secret only Jan knows.  When they meet again over twenty years later, the love is still there, but they’re leery of getting involved with each other because of painful and mistaken impressions from the past.


Jan knows she hurt Keith when she left, but she felt she didn’t have a choice at the time.  She’d give anything to have another chance with him, except he’s involved with another woman.  Or is he?


Keith loves Jan, but before he can chance getting involved with her again, he has to know the truth.  Did she leave because she couldn’t handle an interracial relationship?


This is their third chance for love.  Can they get it right this time?