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Before I start, I have to tell you this post has me feeling a bit um, shall we say, creaky?  It’s a bit of a reality check when you find yourself watching one of the kids whose diapers you used to change standing in front of a minister pledging to love, honor, and cherish someone.   

Yep, that’s right, we went to a wedding this weekend.  Our oldest niece on my husband’s side of the family got married.  The bride, Rebecca, was jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the groom, Zach, was handsome and very, very excited.  As I watched them exchange vows, I couldn’t help thinking, “Wow, he’s either been hiding a bit of a flare for the dramatic or he’s extremely passionate and really, really, really eager to get married.”  And when it was Rebecca’s turn, she was the same way, though a bit less dramatic, but still…well, again, the word passionate come to mind.

So, when it came time to exchange the rings, the minister asked Zach’s mother to come up and take back the Purity Ring he’d worn since he was thirteen and took a vow to keep himself pure until he married.  Ah-ha, I thought, that explains it.  But then, when the minister at last got to the “You may kiss your bride” part of the ceremony, it became even more clear.  You see, Zach and Rebecca had not even exchanged a kiss on the cheek in all the time they’d been dating and engaged, never mind the lips.  That kiss, at the end of their wedding ceremony, was the first one for them as a couple.

I have to admit, I’m still a little dumbfounded.  I mean, I can understand if a couple wants to wait until they get married before they have sex, but waiting till you’re married before you kiss?  Hmm…I don’t get it, but as I’m clearly showing with this post, I’m old. middle-aged.  Plus, I’m a product of the baby boomer generation and well, you know us, we were all about free love–literally!

The thing is…I’d met Zach before and noticed he wore a ring on his left hand but I never thought anything about it.  I just assumed it was one of those new-fangled engagement rings for the grooms because my other niece who’s getting married in August bought one of those for her future husband.  So, I thought this was another hip–and yes, I know, showing my age again–young couple doing what young couples do today, exchanging not just wedding rings, but engagement rings too.  

But, I never expected that ring was a symbol of a vow he made to keep himself pure for his future wife.  And I do mean pure.  Not one kiss.  Man!  Unreal!  

Those crazy kids…what will they think of next?

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