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Now that my chaotic life has calmed down a bit, I’m slowly getting back on track with my writing.  I’m working on polishing Storm Shadows, the second book in my Eternal Shadows series, and yesterday I started a new short story based on the Cherokee legend of Ataga’hi, the Enchanted Lake.  My muse, I’m happy to say, has returned from her extended vacation.  Yippee! 

The thing is…with her return I’ve realized I’m going to have to set up a schedule and worse than that, I’m going to have to follow it.  I hate that!  Chalk it up to years of teaching and having to plan every minute of every school day!  Now that my first print book is out, I find I can’t spend every minute of my day writing.   Well, I suppose I could, but if I ever want to make any money at this new career I’ve chosen, I’m going to have to promote my work and at least try to sell a book or two–or three gazillion!

Yes, I need to promote, promote, promote.  I get it, but…ugh!  That’s not a good thing for someone like me who’s of the W. C. Fields/children school of thought when it comes to people.  You know, “Go away kid, you bother me,” only with me it’s “go away people, you bother me”!  So, in my introverted stand-offishness, I naturally turn to the Internet for promotions.

Problem is, I’ve wasted a lot of time in the last couple of weeks looking for the best way to promote my book on-line.  I get caught up in one site which leads me to another which leads to another which leads me to yet another and on and on an on.  And in all that time spent at all those many sites, I don’t get any promoting done at all.  In fact, about the only thing I’ve accomplished is that I may very well qualify for the Guinness World Records as the person who has the longest “Favorites” list in the history of AOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lists, but this one has gotten a little out-of-control.  TMI!  So, in the interest of holding onto at least a little bit of my sanity–and selling a book or two!–I’m making a list of promotion ideas and since I believe wholeheartedly in passing it forward, I’m going to include some of them here on my blog.  I’ve already done that a couple of times and hopefully as I make my way through the mire of self-promotion, I’ll be able to give other aspiring authors some valuable help.

That said, today’s site is a post I came across at The Midnight Hour, a blog hosted by several paranormal authors.  This particular bit of wisdom is by Cheyenne McCray and in it she lists 20 ways authors can promote themselves and their books.  Although it was posted almost two years ago, it’s still relevant today and extremely helpful, especially if you’re a list-lover like me!  

Hmm, let’s see, if I set up a file on my “Favorites” list for each of the 20 points, and assign each of the sites in my “Promotions” file list to one of the files, and work out a schedule with set times for each file then maybe I’ll have this self-promotion gig nailed down within the next millennium or so…

Seriously, Ms. McCray, thanks for the tips and for bringing a touch of sanity back to my sometimes–okay, mostly!–insane world!

Maria Schneider, one of the WD bloggers, recently wrote an interesting post on her blog, The Writer’s Perspective, which listed twenty, count ’em, twenty, tips for being a good blogger.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:

<note to self, learn how to do that link thingie!> 

Going by what she wrote, I’m sorry to say, I’m not a very good blogger.  I don’t think I do even half of the things she lists, and being a computer moron, I don’t understand some of them!  But she didn’t put the post out there to make me feel bad about my sloppy blogging habits.  She put it out there to help me become a better blogger.  That works for me.  I think I’ll print off what she wrote, hang it on my bulletin board, and see if I can’t follow some of her suggestions.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up a better blogger–but I’m not holding my breath.  There are too many times I don’t have anything at all I want to blog about, and too many times I just don’t have the time, and too many times I…well, you get the idea.

The thing is…there are also times when I’d love nothing more than to have one of those cool blogs, you know, where people hang out and post comment after comment.  And then I think about some of the blogs I read on a regular basis, and some of the comments they get and well, no thanks.  Invariably there’s at least one person on there who makes me want to throw my computer against the wall and go looking for the idiot who had the nerve to post such a stupid, inane comment and beat some sense in them.  S0…nope, not for me, definitely don’t need that kind of aggravation and rage in my life.

And, as I look down at the word count now, I see I’ve failed at yet another of Ms. Schneider’s tips, keeping my entry down to around three hundred words.


Oh well, looks like I’m doomed before I start.

One last thing before I go, I dare you to take a look at her blog entry, and see if you’re a good blogger.  It’s really kind of fun, especially if you don’t take it too seriously, but if you’re a serious blogger, you probably already do most of what she says and…yikes!  I’m almost at four hundred words.

I think I’ll shut up now!

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