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Can someone please tell me what’s up with all these comments I get from auto/life insurance companies and gambling sites?  I mean, come on, what are these people thinking?  They don’t really think I’m going to click on their site and buy insurance from them, do they? 

And the gambling ones, do they think they’re going to suck me into playing a game of black jack or poker–and possibly losing a boatload of money in the process–to them?  Surely not.  Aside from the fact that I’ve only gambled one time in my life–and that at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, where I spent most of my time slack-jawed in disbelief as I watched the people who seemed determined to risk their life-savings on one roll of the dice or turn of the wheel–I would never do that.  I don’t like games–other than baseball–and can think of far better ways to spend my money. 

As for insurance, I leave that to my husband since he’s much more savvy about things like that.  Besides, he’s also, as my niece puts it, Scrooge-alicious, and will spend days researching things like that, looking for the best price he can find.  And once he finds it, watch out.  Can we all say master-horse-trader?  Believe me, car dealers all over western North Carolina have a warning poster about him that they regularly circulate and/or post at their dealerships.  You do not want to go head-to-head with this man when it comes to buying something.  He doesn’t believe in paying full price for anything!  Seriously, back when we used to buy live Christmas trees, he even bargained with the people at the garden center on the price for the tree I picked out.  Talk about embarrassing!  That was the main reason I finally broke down and bought an artificial tree and a slew of pine-scented candles a few years ago.  The smell isn’t as wonderful as having a live Christmas tree in the house, but hey, it’s better than living with that yearly dose of Christmas humiliation! 

Anyway, a word of advice to all you spammers out there; WordPress isn’t the best place for you to be leaving your stupid messages.  Akismet always catches them and marks them as possible spam–thank goodness!–and when I see them I automatically click “delete all.”  So stop wasting your time and go away!

<sigh>  I guess everybody has their own way of amusing themselves, but jeez, I really wish they’d leave my blog out of it!  Surely, they can find some better–read, less annoying!–way to spend their time!


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