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That’s directed at the Red Sox.  Come on guys, do whatever you have to do to break out of this horrible slump you’re in.  You’re better than this and I, along with all your other fans, don’t like seeing you in last place in the AL East, not even this early in the season.  For cripes sake, even Toronto’s doing better than you.  Then again, they’re doing better than New York and Tampa Bay too, so I guess it’s not all bad.  Nah, forget I said that, this is bad, very bad and I sincerely hope it won’t last.

Okay, that’s it.  Just had to get that off my chest.  I know it’s not anybody’s fault but we need a win or two…or heck, let’s think big and go for a couple dozen.  I know you can do it!  Well, okay, maybe not out west because that’s never been your favorite stomping grounds, but please once you get back to Fenway, do us all a favor and give your fans something to smile about again!

The world, at least my little corner of it, will be a better place for it!

Who was it that said “April is the cruelest month…”?  T. S. Eliot, right?  In his poem The Waste Land, right?  Well, that may be true for some, but not for me, not this year anyway.  January gets my vote this year.  It just about did me in and I’m behind on everything but things are looking up…

Today, the sun is out, the temperature is a balmy 65 after a week of cold days and even colder nights, and yesterday was Truck Day!  If you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you know what that means; baseball season is just around the corner.  Only five days until pitchers and catchers report–including our captain, Jason Varitek!–to Ft. Myers, Florida and the rest of the team won’t be far behind.  Yay!  And the best thing about the baseball season for me?  Hope!

Along with warmer weather and the start of Spring Training, February also brings me new hope in the form of High Country Writers.  Yep, that’s right, I joined a writer’s group and I will be, if the weather and my health allows, going to meetings twice a month.  It’s a two and a half hour drive up to Boone for the meetings, but I think it will be worth it.  If nothing else, I hope being involved with this group will get me back on track with my writing because that was another thing that suffered in January.  Worst case of writer’s block–EVER!–and I am more than ready for it to be over!

And finally, the number one reason February is about hope for me this year, on February 14th at dawn, we have the dawning of the age of Aquarius–I bet all you baby boomers out there know what I’m talking about!  For those who weren’t lucky enough to be around in the 60’s, here you go (from the musical Hair, lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni):

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Can’t get any more hopeful than that, can you?

Haven’t posted in the last two weeks because…well, don’t really have an excuse beyond baseball and the postseason, so let me start out by congratulating the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Red Sox put up a good fight but in the end, the Rays came out on top.  Kudos to them and here’s hoping they go on to win the series!

Now that baseball season is more or less over, at least in my world, I can get back to my regularly scheduled life.  I need to finish revising Storm Shadows, work on the next book in that series, and move forward with my WIP based on the Cherokee legend of the enchanted lake.  With Christmas coming and the December release of my next book, Unwilling Angel, which like the one already out, Snow Shadows, takes place at Christmas, I also need to make up my mind about promotions–what to do, what not to do, what works, what’s a waste of time, etc.  Yikes!  Can we say angst and procrastination?  Yeah well, maybe not you, but I sure can.  

Then yesterday, as if reading my mind, Jane at Dear Author put up a post; What Works for Online Advertising for Books.  Very interesting and informative and if you take the time to read the comments, extremely helpful for an angst-ridden, procrastinating writer like me.  Several authors and at least one publisher chime in and offer up their thoughts on what works and what’s a waste of time and/or money when it comes to promoting your book.  Pay particular attention to comment #23 by Jill Noelle Noble of Noble Romance Publishing.  She has some pretty good suggestions.

A little aside here, I don’t know anything about this publisher but I have to say I love the look of their website; sharp, clean, uncluttered with clear submission guidelines, and hey, check it out, like L&L Dreamspell, they pay advances.  Also like LLD, the money from the advances won’t make you rich, but it’s something you don’t often see in world of epublishing and I have to say, I hope it’s a sign of things to come.  Wish I wrote what they’re looking for, but if you do write erotic romance, you might want to check them out.

Anyway, back to the post at DA, several people mention the importance of having a website (check), and a blog (check), and maintaining them both (um, not so good at that part, but I’m trying).  And though it isn’t mentioned in the comments–unless I missed it, which is entirely possible since I was reading during last night’s game–I know a lot of authors who laud the importance of branding your name.  The first step to doing that, it seems to me, is to create a tagline (check), use it on your website and any other online site you have (partial check) and include it as a signature in all your emails and any posts you make on the groups you belong to (again, not so much).  In short, get your name out there with a recognizable tagline, one that readers will equate with you and your books.

So, I have a tagline, Romancing the Legends, but the only place I really use it is on my website because there’s this one teensy little problem with it; while all my books are romances, not all of them are based on legends.  For example, the one coming out in December doesn’t have anything to do with legends…unless you consider having an Elvis sighting of your favorite author several months after he died a legend!  Still, the majority of what I write now has at least one Cherokee legend interwoven in the story so I’m thinking I should use the tagline more.

Like, for instance, on my blog.  Which means I’d have to change the header and possibly the theme–not so hard to do on WordPress, but a thing of nightmares for a technically challenged gal like me!  Still, I’ll do it because I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while now, and I had just about made up my mind to change this blog to “Cait’s Tales” with a picture of cattails against a golden sky as my header.  But now I’m thinking it would be better to go with my tagline to tie it all together in a nice, neat bow.  But, if I go with Cait’s Tales, that would encompass all my work and could be used even with my YA and children’s books–if I ever get up the nerve to submit one of them to a publisher!  But, Cait’s Tales isn’t really a tagline…is it? 

Sheesh!  More angst!  And all this has the theme song from that old TV series, Branded, circling through my mind:

Playing the writer’s game.
How can you make sure you’re branded,
And stake your claim to fame?

**Couldn’t find who wrote this, but my apologies to whoever it was for changing the lyrics!

Post-season baseball, you gotta love it!  Especially when your team makes it to the play-offs.  Yep, Boston didn’t win the division–kudos to the Tampa Bay Rays!–but they snagged the wild-card and that’s good enough for me.  I’m pretty sure they won’t make it to the World Series again, but at least I get this chance to watch my favorite players in action.  And I have to say if the Rays make it all the way this year, I’ll be watching and cheering them on.  Because, hey, I write romance, nothing I love more than a Cinderella story with a happy ending and I think the Rays are just the team to give it to me this year.

I’m not counting the Red Sox out just yet and I’m singing Tessie every chance I get and wearing my ratty 2004 World Series champions t-shirt or my not quite as bedraggled 2007 World Series champions sweatshirt and driving myself crazy following all my other Red Sox superstitions.  I fully admit to a bit of…um, “not this year” thinking, but they’ve proved me wrong before.  Like in 2004, when I thought the Yankees had them beat.  Or last year when I was sure they’d never get past Cleveland to make it to the series.   In fact, they did it as recently as Tuesday night–er, early Wednesday morning–when they beat the Angels in their first post-season game. 

So go on guys, prove me wrong some more!  I promise, I won’t mind at all!

Oh, before I forget, is it just me, or is every other Red Sox fan of the female persuasion crushing on Jacoby Ellsbury?  I have to tell you, if I were still a young girl, his picture would be up in my room just like Tony C’s was once upon a time.  Not only is he gorgeous, he can hit, run like the wind, and when he makes one of those diving catches that are becoming something of a trademark for him, well, shivers and goosebumps!  And now, I see on the Boston Red Sox site that he’s started a blog on MLBlogs, Jacoby Ellsbury’s Postseason Blog.  Hmmm…bet he gets a gazillion comments from the female contingent of Red Sox Nation.  Beyond that, I wish him all the luck in the world with his blog and I hope he gets to continue writing new entries for a long time–at least until the major league baseball season is truly over for this year!

I haven’t written much about baseball lately–well, okay, I admit I haven’t written much about anything at all lately, still busy with the move and all–but with less than 30 games left in the regular season, to quote John Fogerty, we’re “rounding third and heading for home”!  Tampa Bay is in first place in the AL East–kudos to the Rays!–and Boston is clinging to the lead in the Wildcard race with um…Minnesota(?) close behind.  I’m pretty sure Tampa’s all but sewn up the AL East, but I haven’t given up my team and am currently driving my husband bananas singing Tessie at every opportunity!  Hey, it worked last year, who’s to say it won’t work this year?

My favorite player is no longer a part of the Boston Red Sox but has packed his bags and headed for La-la Land.  Too bad.  I’ll miss you, Manny.  Probably the only Red Sox fan who will, especially after the questionable behavior of your last few days with Boston, but well, you know those rabid fangirl crushes, they’re not the easiest thing to get over.  And while I no longer love you, I still like you.  Fair warning though, if you cut your hair as Joe Torre reportedly asked you to do, it’s all over with for me.

Okay, enough of baseball.  At this point the only thing I can do is follow the games and hope while I sing my heart out.  Moving on to my life as an author.  I’ve been doing a little bit of promotion and plan to step it up next week, when all the reviews should be in and posted on the different sites.  Mostly I’ve been concentrating on researching and have found some interesting places to either promote my book or learn about the best way to promote.  Top among these is this little gem:  AdaptiveBlue’s Book Widgets.  If you have a book out, send them an email and they’ll make a widget which contains all the info about your book, including the all-important buy sites, that you can place on your website, MySpace, etc.  And it’s free!  Can’t beat that!  I haven’t emailed them yet, but I’ve heard some good things about their work and it’s at the top of my list.  Thanks to fellow L&L Dreamspell author, Denise Robbins for the tip!  She also sent along the URL for SpringWidgets, a site where you can get a widget for your blog.  Yep, that one’s on my list too!

I’m to the point where I’m ordering curtains for the house, hanging what pictures I can hang before I put up curtains, and wading through the last items I unpacked as I try to get everything organized.  Bleh!  I never want to move again.  And I do mean NEVER!

In the middle of all this, I’ve been working with a cover artist from Red Rose Publishing on the cover for my upcoming ebook, Unwilling Angel, which should be released in early September.  Had to go with a CGI cover for this one–the first time I’ve ever had one of those!  I don’t really like CGI covers, but the cover artist did a really good job and did her best to follow my suggestions and give me everything I wanted.  Still, I had a nightmare last night where the cover was picked up by a couple of blogs, primarily Judge a Book by its Cover, and snarked unmercifully.  JaBbyC is a blog written by a fellow North Carolinian, who’s a librarian in Asheville, and I love her blog because it’s always good for a chuckle or two.  Anyway, I know my nightmare probably won’t happen and I fully admit to being an idiot and a Nervous Nellie when it comes to my covers, but really, this one has me biting my nails–a habit I gave up back in high school!–and I fully expect the hair-pulling, screaming heebie-jeebies to hit soon.  So, I’m going to post the cover here on this blog and I invite all you snarkers to have a go!

Okay, I’ll start.  The guy standing up?  What the hell happened to his feet?  And why does he look like he’s backlit by a spotlight?  *raising hand high and waving*  He’s actually an angel, hence the backlighting which gives him a nice halo-effect–my favorite part of the cover, actually–and his feet are either buried in the snow or he’s in the process of fading away back to Heaven, feet first!

*snerk*  Okay, got that out of my system and I just want to say thanks to Marteeka, the cover artist, who was a real joy to work with and even with my inexplicable–and often unjustifiable–hatred of CGI covers, I really like this one.  You are, in my eyes, a fabulous cover artist, not to mention a really patient and nice person! 

And finally, with Snow Shadows already out and the unexpected early release of Unwilling Angel, I’ve been trying to come up with promotion ideas which include both of them.  Not an easy thing to do, especially when you can’t decide what genre Unwilling Angel falls under.  When I sent it to the publisher, I submitted it as a sweet paranormal romance.

The thing is…it’s one of those books, well, a novella actually, that doesn’t slip neatly into one recognized genre.  I mean, sure, it’s a romance, but just barely.  Emma doesn’t meet her “man” until the next to last chapter and she only kisses him once, at the very end of the story.  It doesn’t have the traditional HEA, but more of a HFN.  And as for the angel element in the story, I can’t find a definitive genre for that.  I’ve seen books about angels listed as paranormal and fantasy, but I don’t know.  Beyond the heroine’s limited psychic abilities which save the day in the end, there’s nothing paranormal about this book.  As for fantasy…nope, doesn’t fit there either. 

*sigh*  Maybe I should just label it a sweet romance and leave it at that.  I hate labels anyway.

…gathered over the past week from around the blog-o-spere:

1.  From Karen Knows Best, a post by Azteclady (this was last weekend)  about piracy in the world of ebooks.  The post itself was interesting, but the comments that came after were even more so.  Seriously, are there people out there who actually think downloading e-books from sites that offer them for free isn’t stealing?  Apparently there are.  Come on, people get a clue here, you’re taking someone else’s hard work and not paying them for it.  Hmm…sort of on a par with plagiarism. 

2.  There were multiple posts this past week dealing with New Concepts Publishing and their latest vendetta against the authors who’ve been trying to get their rights back.  Well, they gave some of them back but in shall we say, a less than professional manner, posting the author’s pseudonyms and giving their real names.  Why do they think authors use a pseudonym?  Trust me, there’s usually a good reason and it’s not because they hate their real names!

3.  From the EREC blog on June 23rd, a new market for romance writers–and readers!–coming from Grass Roots Magazine, Love Stories Magazine.  Click on it and check it out!  Their submission guidelines will give you the scoop.  Pays $300 dollars for a short story and $50-75 for poems.  I don’t write romantic poetry, but I have a feeling Ms. Veinglory speaks the truth when she says, “a paying romance poetry market, that’s like finding a unicorn!”

4.  Also from June 23rd, one of my favorite Red Sox blogs had a post that had me laughing so hard I almost hurt myself!  The blog?  Basegirl.  The post?  Walkoffs and Bulldogs. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.   The hilarity?  Kristen (Basegirl) and her friend Amy discuss Jason Varitek’s awesomeness and come to the conclusion he’s the “Banana Republic cut” when it comes to catchers.  I have to agree with them, since I’m almost as big a fan of Tek’s as I am of Manny.  Hey, I didn’t name my car Tek for nothing!  Well okay, it had a little to do with the fact that I drive an Aztec, but note the spelling, TEK, which is in Red Sox Nation, the name for our stupendous catcher/team captain.

5.  I think this one comes from the comment section of #1 above, but I can’t be sure and I don’t have time to go back and look it up.  It’s something I came across early in the week, and it struck me as “words to remember” so I copied and pasted it to my file on Book Promotion Ideas.  It comes from best-selling author, Nora Roberts.

“Most of us who write, as most of us who write know, want to write. Want to be alone, don’t want to go out there in the world. Some of us go out there when we’re told we must, and we do just fine. But that is NOT how we want to make our living. Moreover, it’s not in our skillset.”

Can you believe that?  Nora Roberts feels the same way I do about writing and promoting her books.  She wants to be alone, I want to be alone.  She doesn’t want to go out there in the world, I don’t want to go out there in the world.  She just wants to write, I just want to write.  But here’s the real wisdom in her comment: “Some of us go out there when we’re told we must, and we do just fine.”  

Thanks, Ms. Roberts, I’ll try my best to remember that!  In fact, I may just make it my mantra as I move closer to the release date of my book.

I’ll do just fine…I’ll do just fine…I’ll do just fine…oh, God, where’s the bathroom?  I think I’m going to be sick!  Is there a doctor in the house?  I want my mama!

After a week of furious writing–48,000 words and counting!–I spent yesterday morning researching poisonous snakes–did you know North Carolina is the number one state for poisonous snakebites?  I didn’t, but I do now and I fully expect to have a few nightmares after reading about it!  Then to take my mind off the hideousness of that and to calm the heebie-jeebies a bit, I spent a couple of hours browsing through the promotion sites I have on my favorites list.

There are a lot of them out there, some packed full of really good tips and some with only a few, but worth reading anyway.  A couple of my favorites:

Muze’s Musings (Free Ways to Blog Your Book Promotions)

David Louis Edelman (A Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion)

Both well-worth reading.  And then there’s DeAnna Cameron’s blog, On Writing, Publishing, and Other Odds and Ends (many thanks to author Lisa Alber for directing me to this sight!).  It’s a great source for learning about what other authors are doing to promote their books.  Ms. Cameron has asked various authors the all-important question, “How’d you find your audience?”  Some of their responses are helpful, some priceless, and all entertaining to an aspiring author with a book coming out soon.

Finally, there’s a great article in last month’s RWR, Self-Promotion for the Introvert by Jane McBride Choate.  Haven’t checked to see if this is available on-line, I suspect it is on the RWA site, but I don’t know if you have to be a member to access it.  Anyway, it’s an interesting article and in my case, highly appropriate because I consider myself the most introverted of all introverts.  Seriously, I don’t like people I could do without people I’m shy, damn it!

One of the best things about this ariticle?  It validates something I’ve suspected for quite a while now; the efficacy of having a MySpace, Facebook, etc. page.  The following quote comes from Gwen Shuster-Haynes, a Harvard MBA who has an online class for writers; “Introverts and Extroverts:  Create a Career Path Built on Your Strengths.”  Ms. Shuster-Haynes says, “If you write books that are read by readers ‘of a certain age,’ creating a presence on or doesn’t make sense because your readers aren’t spending time at MySpace and Facebook.  If, however, you write with a hip, fun voice that attracts college students, your marketing priority should be to establish a presence at MySpace, Facebook, and whatever the next communication technique that will he hot for college students.”

In other words, know your target audience and create a presence where they’ll be sure to see you.  Exactly what I’ve told various friends, both in the real world and in cyber-space, MySpace isn’t the place for me.

The thing is…I reluctantly set up a MySpace page back when my first ebook came out, but I haven’t done much with it.  First, it makes me nervous because my computer security system kept popping up and saying I’d clicked on a dangerous site.  Second, it was obvious to me from the start that the MySpace crowd is a little young for my books.  Third–and I admit this one and the next one is a personal thing–I don’t appreciate a site where anyone can send me messages telling me I’m a bitch.  And fourth, am I the only person in the history of MySpace who wasn’t ‘friended’ by Tom–or whatever the heck his name is–when they first joined?  What’s up with that?  Does he know something about me that I don’t know?  Did I do something to offend him?

<sigh>  Getting back to my point, I just don’t think MySpace is the place for me to find readers.  I never signed up for Facebook and I’ll keep the MySpace page, but I doubt I’ll do much with it.  I’m thinking there are a lot better places for a romance author to spend her time…like GoodReads, Gather, Author’s Den, Shelfari, My Library Thing, Cata Romance, Romance Junkies, ParaNormal Romance, Coffee Time and various other of the seemingly infinte number of romance forums, Amazon, Nothing Binding, etc.

Oh man, I think my brain just exploded!  Maybe I should take a break from thinking about promotions and watch the Red Sox go up against the Cardinals on Gameday.  But given the June-swoon Boston seems to be in right now, I don’t think I can take it.  Hey guys, do me a favor and snap out of it, would ya’?  A win today over St. Louis would soothe my promotion-challenged, over-taxed mind. 




I’ve had, for the most part, a really great week.  All the reviews sites I queried about doing a review of my book asked for an ARC or PDF file and they’ve been sent–whew!–I’ve been working on the second book of my series–yay!–I’ve gotten most of my spring cleaning done–yuck!–I started a new short story, this one with a ghost as the main character–fun!–I finally went to the library and got a library card–’bout time!–and while I was there I talked to the head librarian about doing an “Afternoon with the Author” this fall after my book comes out–woo-hoo!

Like I said, a great week, except the Red Sox have been in a bit of a slump and they’ve slipped into second place behind Tampa Bay–yes, Tampa Bay!–in the AL East.  But the Yankees are tied for last place, which is never a bad thing.  But, my boys are back at home now, and they almost always play better at Fenway.

And Manny…ah, my man Manny seems to be having the time of his life.  In fact, as he puts it, “This is a game — you’ve got to go enjoy it and have fun.”

Truer words, and all that.

The thing is…if more people would live by those words, I think the world would be a better place for all of us.  Too many people spend their life filled with hate, bitter about the way the world is treating them and doing their best to cause other people pain.  I ran up against one of those people this week and I admit, I was really pissed at this person at first.  It took a full day of agony and frustration, not to mention a lot of house work, before I realized I needed to just forget about it and get on with my life.

Or as Manny says, enjoy it and have fun.  So, that’s what I’m going to do!

Thanks Manny!  

P.S.  Congrats on number 498!  And that double play last night–oh, baby, that was a thing of beauty!  I found myself wishing I was the fan in the stands you jumped up and high-fived.  Then again, it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t because I would’ve grabbed hold and never let go!  You know how it is with us rabid fangirls! 


Great game last night between the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers.  Tim Wakefield pitched eight scoreless innings and the offense scored five runs for him.  I love to hear that.  Wish I could’ve seen it too, but you know how it is down here in North Carolina, about the only baseball you get to see on a regular basis is the Atlanta Braves’ games.  Although TBS and ESPN are doing a better job this year of broadcasting games from around the league, my husband isn’t a big fan of baseball and with my tendency to read instead of watch TV, it’s a rare thing these days for me to watch a baseball game.

But I wish I had seen the game last night because I always love to watch Wake pitch.  It amuses me to see him baffle the opposing team with a pitch that just floats over the plate at a slow speed.  For some reason they have a hard time figuring out how to hit it.  I haven’t hit a baseball in longer than I care to remember, but I watch Wake pitch and think, why can’t those guys hit that thing?  I guess it’s because the ball comes in at that diminished speed, they’re used to pitches that pass them by in the blink of an eye and the slowness of Wake’s knuckleball, coupled with the way they dance over the plate are just, IMO, beautiful.  Most of the time the batter’s stand there after Cash catches the ball and the look on their face says it all, like, “What the hell?”  I love that.

Something else happened in the game last night that I love, Ortiz and Manny hit back to back homeruns for the first time this season.  Big Papi’s was, as always, a thing of beauty, but Manny, well, Manny’s was priceless–at least for me, because well, you know how I feel about Manny.  Last night’s was number 497 and that swing of his looks so effortless and easy, like he’s doing what comes natural to him and loving every minute of it.  I keep hearing the ESPN announcers and reading articles written by other sports reporters on-line that say Manny has the sweetest right-hand swing in baseball.  Yep, they got that one right.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m a fangirl of his.  Really, watch it sometime and I think you’ll agree–smooth and easy, his bat just floats through the air, but it’s deadly…

Kind of like Wake’s pitching!

If you’d like to see the videos–I really hope I do this right!–click here and enjoy!  I sure did!


I got up this morning feeling like someone had slammed my head into the Green Monster at Fenway–repeatedly.  Damned MS medicine affected me that way the last time I took it, and it looks like a case of “second verse, same as the first.”  I hate headaches and usually don’t suffer from them but this stuff is kicking my ass–or should I say head?–every time I take it.  Bah!  To say I feel like shit, would be putting it mildly.  I really needed a pick-me-up, and thanks to baseball and surprising news on the Cassie Edwards thing, I got it.

Okay, like every morning, the first thing I did was turn on my computer and while I waited for AOL to sluggishly come up–and what’s up with that anyway, AOL?–I watched the highlights of my favorite Boys of Summer, the Red Sox, winning.  Immediately after that, Sports Center had the highlights from my least favorite BoS. the Yankees, losing to my second favorite BoS, the Orioles.  It doesn’t get much better than that in my little baseball world.  Congrats to Big Papi for throwing off the slump he’d been in since the beginning of the season by hitting a grand slam–woo-hoo!  Almost, but not quite as good as Manny hitting two homeruns against the Yankees the other night.  495, Manny, only 5 more to go!

So, things were definitely looking brighter and when AOL finally came up, one of the first things I saw was the news that Signet and Cassie Edwards had parted ways.

Double woo-hoo!  Not only is that good news for writers and readers of all things romantic–unless you’re a Cassie Edwards fan, of course–it’s good news for the publishing world as a whole.  To have a major publisher step up to the plate, swing for the fences, and smash a homerun is…well, like watching Manny hit a moonshot!  Sorry, it’s that time of year for me, everything revolves around baseball!  Anyway, Signet, and its parent company, Penguin, after a long and tiring at-bat, finally hit it out of the park yesterday, breaking all ties with Ms. Edwards and her plagiaristic ways.

From the AP article, written by Hillel Italie:

“Signet has conducted an extensive review of all its Cassie Edwards novels and due to irreconcilable editorial differences, Ms. Edwards and Signet have mutually agreed to part ways,” the publisher said in a statement Friday.

“Cassie Edwards novels will no longer be published with Signet Books. All rights to Ms. Edwards’ previously published Signet books have reverted to the author.”

My first thought?  Will Dorchester and Kensington do the same?  We can only hope.  Maybe then I can stop haunting bookstores and the book aisles in grocery and department stores, looking for Cassie Edwards books and hiding any that I find.

The Smart Bitches, who uncovered this whole sordid mess, have reported on this, as has Dear Author, and I imagine many other romance and reader blogs out there in cyber-space.  Here’s the link to the AP article if you’d like to read the whole thing, and the link for SB/TB and DA.  Interesting and satisfying reading!

The thing is…as usual, some jerk’s already posted a couple of comments on the SB post, standing up for Ms. Edwards, telling us we don’t know the whole story and calling us “asses” for celebrating this.  The commenter, “SAM”, also informed us that we should keep our mouths shut and be careful what we post, because “you could be opening yourself up to one heck of a slander lawsuit.

<sigh>  Where do these people come from?  It galls me that there are still readers out there who believe Ms. Edwards did nothing wrong and we should all just shut up about the whole thing.

WTF?  In the first place, SAM, it’s as clear as crystal Ms. Edwards plagiarized and SB/TB did the right thing in bringing her plagiarism to light.  Read the PDF file on the SB site, if you don’t believe me.  Second, if you’re going to toss around the old “law suit” threat, I suggest you talk to a credible lawyer about just what constitutes “slander.”  And third, what gives you the right to tell us to quit gloating and call us “asses” for celebrating what we consider a win for our side?  That’s sort of like saying to Red Sox Nation, the team can celebrate winning the World Series, but you can’t.

Good thing you included not one, but two, “LMAO” in your last post, because, I gotta tell ya’, it’s going to take some serious laughter to get rid of that “ass” you’re making of yourself.

Three strikes, you idiot…in my world, that means you’re out. 

Edited to add:  On the Dear Author site, Nora Roberts was kind enough to post an address for the publisher if you’d like to write and express your admiration, approval, and/or thanks for doing the right thing.  Here it is:

375 Hudson
New York, NY 10014

Drop ’em a line.  I imagine they’ve gotten their share of negative letters from readers and authors while this whole thing has been going on.  I’m betting they’d love to hear from us again–on a more positive note, of course! 


Thanks to Anon76 for letting me know another reader at DA put up some email addresses to go with the snail mail address supplied by Ms. Roberts.  Here they are:

David Shanks, CEO, Penguin-Putnam, Inc.

Susan Peterson Kennedy, President, Penguin-Putnam, Inc.

Also Jane at DA put up another post this morning which encapsulates all that’s happened with the Cassie Edwards thing to this point.  It includes a copy of her letter to Signet and a contest she’s running in honor of Signet’s standing up and doing the right thing.  The prizes are five Fictionwise gift certificates for recent NAL/Signet releases to be given away to readers–check it out!  All you have to do is leave a comment and tell her your favorite NAL/Signet author.  Easy enough, right?  And who knows, you may be one of the winners!

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