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You know that old saying, “It never rains, but it pours”?  That’s my life right now what with the holiday season–which I dearly love–, today’s release of my e-book, Unwilling Angel, the two contests I’m participating in, a couple of new author groups I’ve joined, my sister and mom coming to visit next week–which means I really need to get busy and clean this messy house!–, and finally, an on-line workshop that I’m taking at Cata Network Writers Group.

The workshop, put on by Susan Meier, is all about setting goals.  I’m hoping it will be the kick in the pants I need to get my current WIPs finished and get the manuscripts that are complete submitted.  Don’t know if it will, but I’m enjoying the workshop and Ms. Meier is certainly giving it her all.  Lots of good tips and suggestions that–hopefully!–will serve to get a confirmed procrastinator like me out of this slump I’ve been in lately when it comes to writing and/or submitting.

Anyway, the real reason behind this post is my ongoing love affair with the Cata Network.  Seriously, if you’re a romance author and you haven’t checked out everything Cata has to offer, you really should.  They have a slew of sites with just about everything a romance author needs to know.  Cata University is my favorite and you can find all their other sites from there.

If you’re interested in Susan Meier’s workshop on setting goals, hop on over the the Cata Nerwork Writers group and join!  It’s quick and easy and most important to aspiring writers, free!

And don’t forget to check out the contest I’m participating in which is sponsored by Cata.  It’s on the stickie post at the top of my blog.  You can’t miss it!

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