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Fall has arrived here in the mountains of western North Carolina and God is painting my world with wondrous, sparkling color.  All I have to do is look out my window to see it, but I’ve been so caught up in all this mess with my publisher–more on that later!–that I haven’t paid much attention.  Until yesterday when, as if to remind me not to take this beautiful array of colors for granted, God steered me in a new direction.

My husband and I were looking at a house that we’d noticed a couple of months ago when it was listed as a lease to own deal.  We liked the house, loved the location, but the price they were asking for rent–with the never certain option of buying–was way too much.  I mean, why would we pay close to two thousand dollars a month to rent–essentially–when we could buy for the same or less.  So, anyway, when the real estate agent called and said they’d listed it for sale, we went to take another look.

It’s located on a road that runs beside the French Broad River then veers off to go up a mountain.  It has an acre of land with it, and is almost completely secluded from houses around it–which is a very big deal for someone like me who isn’t a “people person” and would be happy if she never had to actually talk to another person.  The only thing we don’t like is the amount of development going on around it, but we’re pretty sure we can live with that.  Still, my husband, knowing how I am and being slightly anal on top of that, decided we needed to drive around and check out the rest of the area to look for signs of future development…

and don’t ask me how, but we ended up in Pisgah National Forest on a one-way gravel road that wound up the side of another mountain then back down again.  We still haven’t figured out where we went wrong, but we spent almost an hour on that bumpy, winding road and when we finally got off, we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway, thirty miles west of Asheville.

The thing is…that unplanned drive brought home all I was missing by not looking out my window every day and noticing what was going on all around me.  God is painting furiously and He’s using not just all His colors, but every hue and tint He can find.  My favorites are the yellows, everything from brilliant, sundrop lemon to muted, dusty gold, and the reds, which range from dazzling, garish crimson to intense, smoky burgundy.  The other colors of the rainbow are there too; the oranges, blues, greens, and even touches of deep violet in some of the red leaves.

So, my world is a living rainbow right now.  Is yours?  Take a look out your window…and I hope you see not only the colors all around you, but also the promises and hopes to be found as God swirls the different shades on His palette and creates a glorious, ever-changing masterpiece!

…He opens a window.  Sure, we’ve all heard that old saying or a variation of it at some point in our life, and most of us probably smile knowingly or roll our eyes at the banality of it.  I used to be an eye-roller, but as of today, I’ve joined the ranks of those who wear an enlightened smile.

What changed my attitude?  Well, first, I’ll offer up my horoscope for the day:

The good news is that your career is about to take a very exciting turn — the bad news is that it might also take up a lot more of your personal time, at least for a while. Your past problems at work are all water under the bridge, and you have learned some very valuable lessons. 

I usually don’t pay much attention to my horoscope, just read it and move on, but today it couldn’t be more right.  Take the first sentence, “The good news is your career is about to take a very exciting turn…”  Okay, yesterday I was offered a contract from a print publisher on my sensual paranormal romance, Snow Shadows.  I signed the contract this morning and put it in the mail.  “Exciting turn” is an understatement, and the next part about it taking up a lot more of my personal time is yet to be proven, but it’s probably spot-on…and I don’t mind a bit!  

Now, the second sentence.  It starts with, “Your past problems at work are all water under the bridge…”  Well, my ongoing battle with my other publisher is just that, ongoing, but it does seem to be coming to an end.   Then it goes on to say, “and you have learned some very valuable lessons.”  I certainly have.  And for that I’d like to take a moment here to offer my thanks to the other authors and editors who are going through this battle with me.  They’ve been incredibly supportive, unbelievably generous with their knowledge, and an unflagging source of comfort when I needed it most.

The thing is…with all that’s been happening in my life lately, my faith in God has been on a bit of a down-swing.  I hated that, but I couldn’t seem to stop it from happening.  Then yesterday, when I received the contract offer, I’ll be honest and tell you God was the furthest thing from my mind.  Perhaps I was too excited or maybe I was so high up in the clouds that the thin air was clouding my thinking.  Who knows?  But when I read my horoscope this morning and that old saying popped into my brain, I couldn’t roll my eyes…because I suddently realized I was now living proof of its validity.

“When God closes a door, He opens a window.”  Oh, indeed.  The closed door for me was having to fight to get the rights to my book back from a publisher who wasn’t honoring the terms of their contract.  The open window–and in my case I got not just one, but two–is the group of friends who have been so wonderful in a time of need, and the new contract with a print publisher.

God may have closed the door, but he most certainly opened a window…or two.

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