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My sister just forwarded an email to me entitled “When God Paints.”  It contains some nature shots that are absolutely awe-inspiring and ends with “He uses all his colors. Make it an awesome day.”  If I knew how to include it here, I would.  But, alas, being the computer moron I am, I have no idea how or what to do and besides, there’s every possibility I’d be infringing on some copyright law if I did.

Which brings me to something that’s been on my mind a lot lately; copyrights.  I have one book out now, another one coming next week–excuse me while I do a quick happy dance over that one!–and another slotted for sometime later this year–which I would probably dance about too if I could get an actual release date out of my publisher.  Arrgh!  Anyway, back to copyrights, I am going to have to get busy and list all of them with the copyright office sometime soon and I don’t have a clue how to do it.  I have the site, and I’m sure if I did a little research, it would be a painless process, and in the long run would be to my benefit, but I keep putting it off.

 I don’t know why that is.  Maybe it’s because all of my releases are in the form of ebooks instead of actual print books–and the fact that I’m even saying that pisses me off!  I hate it when I tell people I’m a published author and the conversation rolls around to publishers which always leads to the fact that my books are all ebooks.  So many people give me that “look.”   You know, the one that says, “Anyone can get a book accepted by an epublisher.  Come back and talk to me when you have a real book published.”

Well, the fact is, not everyone can get their book accepted by an epublisher.  Since my first book came out, I’ve done a bit of promoting and I’ve met quite a few people on-line who have submitted books to epublishers and haven’t been offered a contract.  I have three now, and one of them, Unwilling Angel, the one that’s coming out next week actually won first place in a writing contest.  So, you would think I’d at least be feeling a tiny little glimmer of self-confidence over that one.  But I’m not, that vicious demon of self-doubt has taken up permanent residence on my shoulder and I have to wonder how many books it will take before I’m able to knock it off.  I also have to wonder if I would be feeling the same way if my books were in print.  Who knows?

I just had a short story accepted by a print publisher for an anthology to be published later next year in print and ebook form, so I will be in print–eventally!  Will it cause a dramatic up-swing in my self-confidence?  I can’t say for sure.  The thing is, I chose to submit to epublishers instead of print publishers because I’m, um, not exactly what you might call a “people person.”  If I had to actually go out in public and meet people, well, yikes!  I’m sure I’d suffer from anxiety attacks, at the very least, possibly have a heart attack or stroke, at the very worst.  Scary!

Hey, I just found out I can use my ‘delete’ key to get rid of unwanted words, something I complained about in my first post yesterday.  Whoopee!  Sorry, WordPress!  I take back all those nasty thoughts I had about you yesterday.

Okay, back to my original topic.  Copyrights.  As soon as I get this posted, I’m going to click on the copyright site and get those suckers protected…

…yeah, right.


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