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My husband’s out of town on a business trip and when he calls tonight, I hate to have to do it, but I’m going to have to break his heart.  You see, I’ve fallen in love with another man.

And not just any man, the man of my dreams.  A tall, dark, gorgeous hunk of perfection who stepped out of the shadowy  world of my fantasies and into my life.  He’s been with me for a while now, though I’d never met him, never so much as glimpsed his face.  But as winter melts into spring, he emerged from the Snow Shadows, held out his hand, and…well, I just couldn’t help myself.

Don’t judge me until you get a look at him and then we’ll see who’s drooling!  Here he is for your viewing pleasure, but I warn you, I’m very territorial, so hands off ladies!


His name’s Mathias Tassel and yes, he does have a brother.  Three of them, in fact, and they’re all as delicious as he is!  But their stories are living in my head for the time being.  Right now, I only have eyes for Matt!

Thanks to Linda and Lisa of L&L Dreamspell who gave me the chance to make my dreams reality!

Whistling Woman by CC Tillery

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Snow Shadows

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Romance of My Dreams