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I recently finished the Smashwords formatting on Whistling Woman. It took me a long time, but I’m happy to say I received this email from Smashwords within a half hour of submitting the book:

Congratulations! There were no AutoVetter errors! Your book is now in the queue for review by our vetting team.

So, Whistling Woman is available on Smashwords but it’s waiting on the Premium Catalog approval. Not too shabby for a first time effort but I have to be honest and tell you, it wasn’t an easy thing to do–even with the free Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker. Still, there were no Autovetter errors and I’m told that’s a really good thing.

The thing is, I’ve been reading quite a few free books on my Kindle and though I haven’t tried any yet, I plan to check out some of the free offers on Smashwords. That is, if I can bring myself to do it. I love free books but…I absolutely hate the quality of some of the ones offered for no cost. Because, they aren’t really free, some of them come with a price. Not a monetary one, but an emotional one. Too many–and if you ask me more than two or three is too many!–left me frustrated and in a few cases downright angry because of the time I lost reading them. Not that they were all bad, there were a lot of really good ones out there, but some of them were full of typos, grammar errors, and yes, bad writing in the form of repeated words, missing words, words that have no business being where they are in the book, cliches–yes, I know, my love for cliches is well-known, but come on, there’s a reason “too much of a good thing” is a cliche–historical inaccuracies, implausible events, TSTL characters…the list goes on and on.

And that doesn’t even touch on the worst of all–formatting errors. When I see a book that isn’t formatted properly, the first thing that comes to my mind, especially if it’s a self-published book, is this author doesn’t take pride in their work.

That’s not a good thing because there are plenty of books, many of them free on Kindle or Smashwords, that walk you step-by-step through the formatting. All you have to do is follow the books and you’re almost guaranteed to have a, well, maybe not perfectly formatted, but at least nicely formatted book. You know, one that doesn’t make the reader want to slam it up against the wall immediately delete it from their reading device and never purchase another book by you again.

So, please, if you’re an author, self-published or not, and thinking of putting your book(s) up as e-books on Kindle and/or Smashwords, grab a little pride! Get yourself a copy of these books, read them, and more importantly, follow them!

Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing (Put out by It doesn’t really walk you through the formatting steps, but there’s a lot of valuable information in there and it’s free.)

How to Publish Your Kindle Book on Amazon for Free and Make Money From Home by Ron Taylor (I haven’t read this one yet so don’t know how much help it is. It’s free for Prime members and only .99 for everybody else.)

How to Publish an Ebook on a Budget by Stephanie Zia (This one’s no longer free)

Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker (Free and a must-have if you’re going to publish on Smashwords. You can also view it or download a copy on Smashwords.)

Also, if you do click on the links for these books, check out the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” box just below the book cover. Lots of other books there that not only deal with formatting, but with marketing and writing too. Plus, if you’re thinking of publishing on Kindle, there are lots of good tips and advice on the KDP forums and help pages.

And finally, check out Jinx Schwartz’s blog post DYI Kindle e-books, I did it and so can you. Ms. Schwartz just reposted this and if you’re going to publish on Kindle, it’s a must-read!

A few things on my mind this morning:

1.  Red Sox! Sweep! Yankees!  ‘Nuff said!

2.  Jacoby Ellsbury is my new dream man.  Okay, well, not so new since I did a post about a year ago about him and how I thought he would make the perfect model for my hero in Snow Shadows, but did you see him steal home last night against the Yankees?  Wow!  How fast is that guy anyway?  Faster than a speeding bullet–well, maybe not, but he’s fast!

3.  Authors on MySpace that friend you and then you only hear from them when they’ve got a new book.  I know that’s just promotion but for some reason, it really bugs me!

4.  Spring and planting my garden which still isn’t done because we’ve been going through something of a mini-monsoon season here.  Thankfully, it seems to be over at last!


5.  Mockingbirds.  I have a mockingbird that comes to my suet feeder two or three times every day.  After s/he eats his/her fill, s/he perches on a branch in my hackberry tree and sings his/her little heart out.  Amazing the number of bird songs the s/he knows!

6.  Dogs are wonderful creatures!  No matter what kind of mood I’m in, mine never fail to get at least a smile out of me, and most of the time, a full-out belly laugh.  Gotta love them and be thankful for them!

7.  Oh yeah, did you hear?  The Red Sox swept the Yankees!  Yippee!

8.  Spring cleaning.  Yep, it’s that time of year and no matter how much I don’t want to, I have to do it because that’s how I was raised.  Bleh!

9.  31 Days to Build a Better Blog–I’ve fallen way behind on this one and don’t know if I’ll ever catch up.  We’re on day twenty-something and I just now got my elevator pitch for the first day’s assignment.  Double bleh! 

10. On a happier note, the Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend.  Hip, hip, hooray!

11. Cherokee legends about wolves because I just started on the third book in my Eternal Shadows series.  Only about a thousand words in since I’m also working on finishing Winds of Fate, the book based on the legend of Blowing Rock.  I’m expanding it to a full-length book instead of a novella.  Wish me luck!

12. The Blue Ridge Book and Author Showcase next week in Flat Rock.  Not exhibiting in this one because by the time I heard about it all the tables were taken, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my sister and mom who are coming over for it, attending some of the sessions and meeting some of the local authors.

13. No number thirteen because that’s unlucky–yep, baseball season is in full-swing and my superstitious nature is too!

14. Writing groups.  I’m a member of High Country Writers in Boone and was a member of RWA.  I let my RWA membership go this year because there’s not a local chapter here in the mountains of NC and I wasn’t getting much from the national membership.  I’m thinking the money might be better spent if I join the North Carolina Writer’s Network.  They have a local chapter which I will automatically be a member of if I join so…

15. A tip for all you authors out there, check OpenZine.  I haven’t joined yet, but an author/publisher has and she’s gotten quite a bit of attention so I think it has real possibilities for authors to market.

Okay, that’s it, except, did I mention the Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend?  I did?  Well, it bears repeating!

You know that old saying, “It never rains, but it pours”?  That’s my life right now what with the holiday season–which I dearly love–, today’s release of my e-book, Unwilling Angel, the two contests I’m participating in, a couple of new author groups I’ve joined, my sister and mom coming to visit next week–which means I really need to get busy and clean this messy house!–, and finally, an on-line workshop that I’m taking at Cata Network Writers Group.

The workshop, put on by Susan Meier, is all about setting goals.  I’m hoping it will be the kick in the pants I need to get my current WIPs finished and get the manuscripts that are complete submitted.  Don’t know if it will, but I’m enjoying the workshop and Ms. Meier is certainly giving it her all.  Lots of good tips and suggestions that–hopefully!–will serve to get a confirmed procrastinator like me out of this slump I’ve been in lately when it comes to writing and/or submitting.

Anyway, the real reason behind this post is my ongoing love affair with the Cata Network.  Seriously, if you’re a romance author and you haven’t checked out everything Cata has to offer, you really should.  They have a slew of sites with just about everything a romance author needs to know.  Cata University is my favorite and you can find all their other sites from there.

If you’re interested in Susan Meier’s workshop on setting goals, hop on over the the Cata Nerwork Writers group and join!  It’s quick and easy and most important to aspiring writers, free!

And don’t forget to check out the contest I’m participating in which is sponsored by Cata.  It’s on the stickie post at the top of my blog.  You can’t miss it!

One of the hot topics this week on romance blogs and groups is whether or not RWA (Romance Writers of America) membership is worth the yearly dues.  Interesting for me because I’ve been debating that same thing, especially now that RWA announced they’re thinking of raising the price for members.  Truthfully, I was considering just letting my membership lapse when it comes time to write that check next year and now, if they do decide to raise the yearly dues, I have to say I probably will do just that. 

Still, there are a lot of benefits to being an RWA member, but the only one I seem to get anything out of with any regularity is RWR, their monthly magazine.  I’m fully aware that I could get more bang for my buck if I would take advantage of all that they offer with their on-line site.  And it would certainly help if I joined a local chapter…but the nearest one to me is about three hours away and that’s not even in North Carolina, it’s in Tennessee.  There are two chapters in NC, but they’re both on the other side of the state, one in Charlotte and one in Raleigh, and both are even farther away than the one in Tennessee.

And I have to wonder why there isn’t a local chapter in Asheville?  Do all the romance writers in NC really live over in the eastern part of the state?  Probably not, but apparently all the ones interested in joining a local chapter don’t mind the drive.  I do so this morning I went on the RWA site and looked at what it takes to start a local chapter.  Even came up with a name for it, Blue Ridge Romance Writers, and RWA has all the information you need to start a local chapter, but the big question is; do I really have the time?  Not to mention, would it benefit me to get involved in something which has the potential to be very time-consuming and energy-draining?

I think it probably would, but I need to do more research and find some way of figuring out if there would be enough interest in a chapter for the authors who live in the western part of the state like I do.  I do know it would be a lot of work and until I get the edits done on Storm Shadows, I’m not willing to shift my focus to something else.  Once that’s done, I plan on going back on the RWA site and check out just what and how I would go about doing it, because given all the members who commented that they get more out of their local chapter than the national chapter, I think it might be a good idea.

On another note, I received an email the other day, The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter, from Author Marketing Experts.  I don’t remember signing up for this one, but I have to say, I’m glad I did.  As well as putting out a great newsletter, they have a blog and a site run by Penny C. Sansevieri, which is just chock-full of information on how to market your books.  You can sign up for the newsletter on Ms. Sansevieri’s site.  Check it out, I think you’ll be glad you did!

Now that my chaotic life has calmed down a bit, I’m slowly getting back on track with my writing.  I’m working on polishing Storm Shadows, the second book in my Eternal Shadows series, and yesterday I started a new short story based on the Cherokee legend of Ataga’hi, the Enchanted Lake.  My muse, I’m happy to say, has returned from her extended vacation.  Yippee! 

The thing is…with her return I’ve realized I’m going to have to set up a schedule and worse than that, I’m going to have to follow it.  I hate that!  Chalk it up to years of teaching and having to plan every minute of every school day!  Now that my first print book is out, I find I can’t spend every minute of my day writing.   Well, I suppose I could, but if I ever want to make any money at this new career I’ve chosen, I’m going to have to promote my work and at least try to sell a book or two–or three gazillion!

Yes, I need to promote, promote, promote.  I get it, but…ugh!  That’s not a good thing for someone like me who’s of the W. C. Fields/children school of thought when it comes to people.  You know, “Go away kid, you bother me,” only with me it’s “go away people, you bother me”!  So, in my introverted stand-offishness, I naturally turn to the Internet for promotions.

Problem is, I’ve wasted a lot of time in the last couple of weeks looking for the best way to promote my book on-line.  I get caught up in one site which leads me to another which leads to another which leads me to yet another and on and on an on.  And in all that time spent at all those many sites, I don’t get any promoting done at all.  In fact, about the only thing I’ve accomplished is that I may very well qualify for the Guinness World Records as the person who has the longest “Favorites” list in the history of AOL.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lists, but this one has gotten a little out-of-control.  TMI!  So, in the interest of holding onto at least a little bit of my sanity–and selling a book or two!–I’m making a list of promotion ideas and since I believe wholeheartedly in passing it forward, I’m going to include some of them here on my blog.  I’ve already done that a couple of times and hopefully as I make my way through the mire of self-promotion, I’ll be able to give other aspiring authors some valuable help.

That said, today’s site is a post I came across at The Midnight Hour, a blog hosted by several paranormal authors.  This particular bit of wisdom is by Cheyenne McCray and in it she lists 20 ways authors can promote themselves and their books.  Although it was posted almost two years ago, it’s still relevant today and extremely helpful, especially if you’re a list-lover like me!  

Hmm, let’s see, if I set up a file on my “Favorites” list for each of the 20 points, and assign each of the sites in my “Promotions” file list to one of the files, and work out a schedule with set times for each file then maybe I’ll have this self-promotion gig nailed down within the next millennium or so…

Seriously, Ms. McCray, thanks for the tips and for bringing a touch of sanity back to my sometimes–okay, mostly!–insane world!

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m no good at promotion.  Added to that, I hate it with a purple passion.  But, it’s all part of being an author and something I have to do because, well, I haven’t made anywhere near enough money from writing to hire someone to do it for me.  That’s a dream for the future and a pretty good inspiration to keep promoting.

Anyway, if you’re like me and would rather have a root canal than promote your book, I have a couple of interesting and possibly invaluable sites for you.

The first one is a site called MyBooksOut.  Authors can join the group and list their books, the buy links, any review links, and links to sample chapters and they even provide you with an easy-to-follow format.  You can list as many books as you want, but only once per week for each book and they ask that you do a separate post for each one.  Easy to do and most important for a beginning writer, free!

The second is more of a promotion help-site–I know there’s probably a specific term or even a better way of putting it, but you get the idea.  Promotion_Loop_Schedule posts the different Yahoo groups each day that will accept promos, blurbs, excerpts, etc., on that particular day.  Having tried to maintain a file on the many Yahoo groups I belong to, I can tell you this could prove to be an invaluable tool for promoting.  Not to mention an incredible time-saver!  I belong to over 50 Yahoo groups but in most cases, they only allow authors to promote on certain days–Monday seems to be the promo day!–and they only allow certain things from the authors.  I was extremely glad to find this group, if for only the information on when and where I can promote each day.  But from what I’ve seen, they also include a little bit of information on what I can post, and how–that is, any restrictions or guidelines the group has.  The who is, of course, me as an author.  And yes, it’s free!

The thing is…in my world, writing a book is easy and fun.  Promoting a book can turn you into a feral, potentially dangerous person.  But with sites like these, it’s relatively painless!  I can really get behind that!

Okay, so I’ve been playing around on Loldogs.  Guilty as charged, but after reading this post by Lisa Alber on her blog, Lisa’s Words at Play, I started thinking about self-doubt and wondering why so many writers seem to suffer from it.  Then yesterday, I spent a good part of the day reading through the final line edits on my novella, Unwilling Angel, which will be published as an e-book soon and ugh!  Self-doubt reared its ugly snout and took a huge bite out of my ass!

A little back story here, the main character in Unwillling Angel is an aspiring writer who’s struggling with writer’s block.  She’s been working on a YA book since the death of her husband two years before and she’s convinced she has to finish it.  She’s riddled with self-doubt and thinking about suicide when she sees the ghost of her favorite author, Mac McBride.  Only Mac’s not a ghost, he’s an Apprentice Angel sent by the Archangels to help her get her life straightened out.

So, in addition to Lisa’s blog entry, this book has a heroine who is filled with self-doubt, and as I was reading through the final line edits file, I found myself…questioning, deliberating, and thinking of ways I could have written it better, tighter, or even funnier.  In a word, doubting.  And even though I know it’s too late to make any major changes, that doesn’t keep me from wanting to do just that.  

The thing is…I think I could read this book, or actually, any one of the things I’ve written, a million times or more, polishing it with every read-through, and still find things I think need to be changed.  Which got me to thinking, do multi-published authors do the same thing?  Do they suffer from the self-doubt demon?  Does Stephen King?  Nora Roberts?  John Grisham?  Did Shakespeare?  Charles Dickens?  Mark Twain?  What about poets like Emily Dickinson?  e. e. cummings?  Shel Silverstein?

I can’t say for sure because this is only my fourth book–well, really my third since this one was published very briefly before and I guess I shouldn’t count it twice.  It’ll probably be a while before I know the answer to that one, if I ever do, but I have to say, I think maybe they do.  I think, like DeAnna said in the comments on Lisa’s blog, it’s probably hardwired into all authors.  One thing I do know for sure is that right now self-doubt is pretty much a constant companion for me…and I can’t imagine it will ever go away completely.

But that’s okay, I can live with that.  Especially when the self-doubt demon might just work in my favor by making me a better writer.

BTW, my book cover is up on Amazon.  Woo-hoo!  Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  Why not buy a copy and beat the dog-days of summer by frolicking in the Snow Shadows on Eternity Mountain with Matt and Ellen?

<Sorry, couldn’t resist that little bit of BSP!>


Cover Image

First, I apologize in advance for any typos or mistakes in this post, as well as any tangents I may go off on, but I’m tremendously excited because yesterday after waiting for eternity–or what seemed like it!–my book, Snow Shadows showed up on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.  Woo-hoo!  At long last!  I spent a good hour just staring at the cover on B&N and probably would’ve spent another hour on Amazon, but the cover hasn’t shown up there yet.  Still, the book is there and I’ve already gotten one 5-star review–okay, the review is by my sister, who was the first person to read the book and I admit, she might be just a tad biased, but hey, a good review is always appreciated!  And since I value her opinion more than anyone else’s, especially when it comes to my writing, this one means more than I can say.

During my hour-long staring contest with the screen of my laptop, I got this…feeling.  I didn’t know what it was at first, but it kept growing stronger.  Then while I was still trying to figure it out, I received two more reviews from a couple of the review sites I had sent the book to.  Every review I’ve gotten so far on this book, from the one on ParaNormal Romance to the one from my sister on Amazon has been really great, but these two, well, they blew me away.

From Amelia at eCataRomance:

With her thorough historical research evident all through the book, Caitlyn Hunter has crafted a touchingly spellbinding love story with convincing paranormal elements.

Caitlyn Hunter has a poetic writing voice, and her talent for expressing scenes in a romantic way is exceedingly evident in SNOW SHADOWS. 

With graphic images, engaging characters and the perfect blending of humor and suspense, SNOW SHADOWS is a memorable story of fated love.

And from Long and Short of It Reviews:

Snow Shadows has a heady mix of romance, the paranormal, Native American folklore and a wonderful cast of characters which drew me in and kept me.

Snow Shadows is the start of the Eternal Shadows series and is one worth keeping a space on your bookshelf for. 

Click on the links if you want to read the full reviews–that is if they still work, I think I’ve just about worn them both out!

Anyway, after numerous Snoopy dances and shouts of glee, the feeling was still there.  I admit, it did fade a bit when I realized now comes the nail-biting, hair-tearing, and for me, the totally squicky part of being a writer–promotions, sales, and waiting for the reviews from the people who really matter, the readers. 

The thing is…I’m bound to get a few bad reviews, but I can handle that.  I know that it’s an impossibility to please all of the readers and though I may feel like biting back at some of them, I won’t.  Let’s just say I’ve seen a few authors do some pretty horrible things over bad reviews recently and I’ve learned from their mistakes.  At least I hope I have!

Anyway–I warned you about tangents, didn’t I?–even with the threat of bad reviews or if the sales of my book don’t live up to what I’d like, I’ll hold on to that feeling I first felt yesterday.  I’ll keep doing Snoopy dances and shouting for glee because while Snow Shadows isn’t my first book, it is my first print book, and the feeling I have is that I am not just a writer now, I am an author…

At long last!

Cover Image

Sorry, I love that cover and couldn’t resist posting it again!

After a week of furious writing–48,000 words and counting!–I spent yesterday morning researching poisonous snakes–did you know North Carolina is the number one state for poisonous snakebites?  I didn’t, but I do now and I fully expect to have a few nightmares after reading about it!  Then to take my mind off the hideousness of that and to calm the heebie-jeebies a bit, I spent a couple of hours browsing through the promotion sites I have on my favorites list.

There are a lot of them out there, some packed full of really good tips and some with only a few, but worth reading anyway.  A couple of my favorites:

Muze’s Musings (Free Ways to Blog Your Book Promotions)

David Louis Edelman (A Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion)

Both well-worth reading.  And then there’s DeAnna Cameron’s blog, On Writing, Publishing, and Other Odds and Ends (many thanks to author Lisa Alber for directing me to this sight!).  It’s a great source for learning about what other authors are doing to promote their books.  Ms. Cameron has asked various authors the all-important question, “How’d you find your audience?”  Some of their responses are helpful, some priceless, and all entertaining to an aspiring author with a book coming out soon.

Finally, there’s a great article in last month’s RWR, Self-Promotion for the Introvert by Jane McBride Choate.  Haven’t checked to see if this is available on-line, I suspect it is on the RWA site, but I don’t know if you have to be a member to access it.  Anyway, it’s an interesting article and in my case, highly appropriate because I consider myself the most introverted of all introverts.  Seriously, I don’t like people I could do without people I’m shy, damn it!

One of the best things about this ariticle?  It validates something I’ve suspected for quite a while now; the efficacy of having a MySpace, Facebook, etc. page.  The following quote comes from Gwen Shuster-Haynes, a Harvard MBA who has an online class for writers; “Introverts and Extroverts:  Create a Career Path Built on Your Strengths.”  Ms. Shuster-Haynes says, “If you write books that are read by readers ‘of a certain age,’ creating a presence on or doesn’t make sense because your readers aren’t spending time at MySpace and Facebook.  If, however, you write with a hip, fun voice that attracts college students, your marketing priority should be to establish a presence at MySpace, Facebook, and whatever the next communication technique that will he hot for college students.”

In other words, know your target audience and create a presence where they’ll be sure to see you.  Exactly what I’ve told various friends, both in the real world and in cyber-space, MySpace isn’t the place for me.

The thing is…I reluctantly set up a MySpace page back when my first ebook came out, but I haven’t done much with it.  First, it makes me nervous because my computer security system kept popping up and saying I’d clicked on a dangerous site.  Second, it was obvious to me from the start that the MySpace crowd is a little young for my books.  Third–and I admit this one and the next one is a personal thing–I don’t appreciate a site where anyone can send me messages telling me I’m a bitch.  And fourth, am I the only person in the history of MySpace who wasn’t ‘friended’ by Tom–or whatever the heck his name is–when they first joined?  What’s up with that?  Does he know something about me that I don’t know?  Did I do something to offend him?

<sigh>  Getting back to my point, I just don’t think MySpace is the place for me to find readers.  I never signed up for Facebook and I’ll keep the MySpace page, but I doubt I’ll do much with it.  I’m thinking there are a lot better places for a romance author to spend her time…like GoodReads, Gather, Author’s Den, Shelfari, My Library Thing, Cata Romance, Romance Junkies, ParaNormal Romance, Coffee Time and various other of the seemingly infinte number of romance forums, Amazon, Nothing Binding, etc.

Oh man, I think my brain just exploded!  Maybe I should take a break from thinking about promotions and watch the Red Sox go up against the Cardinals on Gameday.  But given the June-swoon Boston seems to be in right now, I don’t think I can take it.  Hey guys, do me a favor and snap out of it, would ya’?  A win today over St. Louis would soothe my promotion-challenged, over-taxed mind. 




Yeah, I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I’ve been busy writing and in my spare time, I’ve been researching ways for authors to promote their books, ’cause, you know, mine’s coming out in a little over two months.  I figure it’s about time I quit screwing around and get busy…doing something.  And if not doing, at least planning what I’m going to do.

So, I went on the Internet and wow!  Jackpot!  I found a slew of articles, several very informative sites, and quite a few blogs, all pertaining to the best ways to promote your book.  Too many to mention here, but I’ve bookmarked them all and hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out what to do before Snow Shadows is released.

And a big hat tip to Lisa Alber for finding my blog and leaving a comment, thereby enabling me to find her blog, Lisa’s Words at Play, where I found a wonderful, hilarious YouTube video that reminded me I’m not the only one struggling with promotions.  Here’s the link to Lisa’s post and oh yeah, the video came to Lisa’s attention by way of Patricia Wood’s blog.  Go ahead and check it out, I promise you’ll laugh out loud–especially if you’re an author–and you’ll also get a good lesson in what not to do when your book comes out. 

Okay, so when I wasn’t researching, I was writing and reading.  Got about five thousand words written on Storm Shadows–not as much as I’d hoped–but I also started the third book in the series.  No title for that one yet, but I think it might be the easiest one to write because I’ve already fallen hard for Luke, the brother who’s the main character in that one.  On top of all that, I found the legend I want to use for the fourth and final book–again, no title, but for me, finding the legend is a big step forward because it’s been giving me a bit of trouble.  As for reading, I read The Tall Woman by Wilma Dykeman, the story of a southern woman during the late 18th century.  My dad used to work with Ms. Dykeman at the Knoxville News-Sentinel and he loaned me his autographed copy.  Great book! 

Other than that, not much going on in my world, well, except, squee!  Manny Ramirez hit his 500th homerun, but 500 apparently wasn’t enough for him, because he went on to hit numbers 501 and 502 in the next two games and number 503 last night.  Yay, Manny!  Oh, and the Red Sox are back in first place in the AL East after sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway.  Woo-hoo!  Way to go, guys!

Okay, back to my writing world…I happened to catch a post by Jane at Dear Author the other day; “Hello, I’m Jane.  I have a lot of reader baggage.”  Interesting and as most of the posts on DA are, entertaining.  Quite a few people commented, both readers and writers, and had some interesting points of their own to make.  But the one that really caught my attention was from Emily.  It included a link to Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles Over the Kennebec, and a post where Ms. Lee writes about The Contract Between Reader and Writer.  A lot of food for thought in that one and I encourage every writer/reader to take a look at it.

The thing is…I’m both a writer and a reader, so I need to really study that thing.  I’m thinking of printing off a copy and hanging it on the wall of my office where I can read it every day.  Oh heck, who am I kidding, I need to memorize it, or maybe make a chart and stitch a sampler of it!

Then again, a better plan might be to pull out my Aretha Franklin CD and play it every morning, because essentially, Aretha got it right with only one word; RESPECT.

So, I as a writer, promise to do my best to remember you as a reader deserve my respect…and I hope you’ll extend the same courtesy to me.   

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