Lake Superior State University just released its list of banished words for 2012 and though I’ve been guilty of using some of them, others have never crossed my lips. Indeed, I’d never heard of a few of them and had to track down the actual list to read the definition.

So what are the banished words that we should no longer use?

1. baby bump

2. ginormous

3. man cave

4. amazing

5. occupy

6. the new normal

7. blowback

8. thank you in advance

9. shared sacrifice

10. win the future

11. pet parent

12. trickeration

With the year 2011 drawing to a close, I’m taking this opportunity to use the 12 words/phrases (plus one I think should’ve made the list–baby daddy–yuck!) for the last time and then–hopefully–they’ll be banished from my mind!

“Thank you in advance” for showing me your “ginormous” “baby bump,” even if it is a feat of “amazing” “trickeration,” as you and your “baby daddy” (my own addition!) “occupy” his “man cave” and look forward to the “shared sacrifice” of being “pet parents” who I’m sure will take the “blowback” in stride and “win the future.”

Whew! Glad that’s done. Now back to dreaming over the two seed catalogues I received in today’s mail. Spring is just around the corner, you know! Happy New Year everybody!