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That’s my Fletcher–well, not really, but it looks a lot like him and since we adopted him from the Asheville Humane Society, he’s gotten lost 5 times.  He gets a wild hair, decides he wants to go off on his own personal Incredible Journey and he takes off the first chance he gets…only to be lost 3 minutes later if we don’t catch him.  Which we usually don’t because he’s fast when he wants to be and he’s also deaf so he can’t hear us calling him.  So, a few days go by and I worry myself sick wondering where he is and will he find his way home on his own–never happens!–then we get a call from Henderson County Animal Services saying they have our dog and we need to come pick him up. 

It’s happened so often that Fletch has become something of a celebrity with the people at HCAS.  Remember the Otis character on The Andy Griffith Show, the town drunk who showed up regularly at Sheriff Andy’s jail and just let himself in the cell to sleep off his latest round of drinking?  Well, Fletch doesn’t actually let himself in but he shows up regularly enough that they know him and they’ve taken to calling him Otis.

Not sure whether I’m more embarrassed or amused by that but I know I’m extremely grateful for them taking him in and taking care of him until I can go get him.  And I’m even more grateful for the little microchip that tells them who to call!

IMHO, all pets should have one of those little chips, especially dogs.  Even more especially beagles who I’m told love to roam like my Fletch.  And even more especially dogs who can’t hear their owners calling them.  I know it’s made for many happy reunions for me!