I’ve spent most of this week ruthlessly weeding out a bunch of Yahoo promotion groups that I don’t really use much, if at all, and therefore don’t need to belong to.  I cut the total number down considerably and moved on to the social networking sites…which wasn’t as easy as I hoped.

I’m down to ten sites with a couple interesting ones waiting in the wings.  I may join them later when I have more time but for right now I’m well under my goal of less than a dozen.  And yes, I’m keeping my Facebook page but I’ll probably only use it when I have a new book release.

Anyway, the next task in this week’s somewhat onerous challenge is to update my pages on all those sites–especially the ones I pay for which means Author’s Den comes first.  I spent the last couple of days on AD and I have to say I really like that site.  Very easy to navigate and if you hit a snag, you can usually find out what you’re doing wrong in their “Help” file.

Only thing I’ve found so far that had me scratching my head–before banging it on the wall!–is when I tried to add my free read, Enchant Her, to my story file.  I tried several times to load the whole story which is only 11,000 words but it wouldn’t take it.  When I searched for an answer in “Help” I never could find out why it wouldn’t take the file.  The only thing I could think of was the word count was too high so I ended up breaking the story into four parts and setting up a separate page for each of them.  That worked, but I had a few…well, screaming hissy fits before I figured it out.

Anyway, my Caitlyn Hunter Author page looks pretty good–except I hate that they make your author photo so large!  Next up, I need to add some more of my poetry, hopefully I’ll do better with that than I did with the story, and then tomorrow I need to move on to the other sites.

One down (almost), nine to go!