This week’s Writing Challenge is to go through the many networking sites that I’m a member of and decide which ones I going to use for promotions.

Not an easy task and a little overwhelming considering I’m a member of over 30 Yahoo groups and I can’t even tell you how many of the social network sites I’ve set up an account at, but I’ve decided that being listed on scads of sites doesn’t do me any good if I don’t post to them.  So I’m going to take a close look at all of them and try to figure out which ones work best for promoting my books.

I’ll be keeping this blog, of course, and my web site, both of which I spent the better part of last updating in last week’s challenge but I really need to whittle down all the others.

First up, Facebook.  I’ve already done a couple of posts about this, starting with To Facebook or not to Facebook followed by To Facebook or not to Facebook (Part Two) and all I can say is…here we go again.  Sheesh!

I’ve never been comfortable on Facebook but I thought it was only a matter of not being familiar with it.  It took me weeks to figure out how to get to my home page and once I did, well, I think it’d be safe to say mass confusion was the order of the day.  Seriously, I didn’t have a clue.  And all those updates from other people?  If I read all of them and liked or commented, every single minute of my day would be gone.  I did download my book covers and I’ve posted several times but I’m still uncomfortable every time I log in and I’m thinking this may be a hint that I need to deactivate my account.

Helping with that decision are a couple of articles I ran across this past week.  The first, Why I Quit Facebook, written by Sam Gustin gives his reasons for deactivating his account.  Very informative and I have to say I agree with a lot of what he says, including the frustration, privacy and trust issues.

And then I came across this one, Fed Up with Facebook?  Delete It, and Here’s How, written by Amar Toor, it deals with how exactly you go about deleting your account.  Lots of good information here–especially toward the end where the writer talks about things you can do on Facebook to ensure your privacy–but it looks like deleting your account isn’t an easy thing to do and I’m wondering why Facebook has to make it so hard to get out of their network?  It should be a simple thing but it’s very complicated, which just ups my frustration level while it lowers my trust level even more.

So, to Facebook or not to Facebook, that’s the first question.  I’m no expert on all this social media stuff but that’s the challenge I’ve set for myself this week so I think I’d better learn…fast!