My year hasn’t exactly gotten off to the best of starts, especially where my writing is concerned.  I just haven’t felt like writing much of anything lately and even though I open up at least one of my WIP files daily, I usually end up closing them again at the end of the day without having added more than a word or two–if that!  I guess you could say my New Year’s resolutions have already bitten the dust, but we’re less than a month into the year so there’s still hope.

And I’ve been thinking, maybe this year, I should celebrate Chinese New Year instead.  Back when I was teaching, I used to do a week long lesson on Chinese New Year every year and though I can’t remember all the traditions, it seems there were at least a few that might help me this year.  Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar and this year it falls on February 14th so there’s still time to do what I need to do.

For instance, tradition dictates that everyone should start the new year with a clean house and new clothes.  Adapting that to my writing would mean I need to start with a new computer and since Santa was kind enough to bring me a new laptop this year, I have that covered.  The hard part’s going to be cleaning out my cumbersome Word file and organizing the many documents into manageable folders and sub-folders.  A formidable job, yes, but it has to be done because that’s how you get rid of any bad luck from the previous year and make room for good luck in the coming year.  Thank goodness I have almost a month to complete this intimidating and onerous task.

Only problem is my new computer is black, a color which should be avoided on New Year’s Day because of the its association with death.  Red is the preferred color because it wards off bad spirits but I can’t paint my shiny new computer red–well, I guess I could but I have a feeling Santa might be more than a little upset with me if I did so…maybe a red scarf or some red yarn wrapped around it for the day or even a piece of red paper taped to the top.  Would that work?

Actually, the paper might be the way to go since another tradition is to decorate your clean house using signs and posters with the Chinese word fu, which means luck and happiness, written on them.  So, a small piece of paper with the word fu written on it in red and taped to my screen should work.  Also, I’ll need to go to the florist and buy some flowers for my office because flowers symbolize a new beginning and the coming of spring.

Okay, so now I have a plan and I need to get busy.  Those Word files aren’t going to organize themselves and I have to get them finished before February 14th because if I don’t, there’s always the chance I’ll accidentally throw out some of the good fortune of the new year.  Wouldn’t want to do that!

Now, if somebody would only lay a little hong bao or lai-see* on me, I’ll be all set!

*red envelopes traditionally filled with money to symbolize wealth and prosperity for the New Year.