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I can always count on a smile when I go to one of the LOL sites and this one made me literally LOL. Thanks to the MS, I lost my balance on Saturday, fell, and sprained my left ankle. Painful, and it looks horrible; swollen to about twice its normal size and all black and blue; but at least this time the doctor didn’t say, “You would’ve been better off if you’d broken it.” Which is what they told me the last three times this happened. I’ve never broken a bone in my life and judging by the pain from just a sprain, I hope I never do.

Problem is, the doctor thinks I might have a stress fracture which for some reason, won’t show up on the first x-ray. I was in too much pain to pay attention to what the doctor told my husband, but I do remember something about coming back in 10 to 14 days if the swelling hasn’t gone down so he can take another look at it.

If it is a stress fracture, does that count as a break? And just how exactly do they treat a stress fracture anyway? Do they put you in a cast or in one of those walking boots that can be removed when you shower? I spent six months in one of those the last time I did this and it wasn’t too bad. At least I could walk without crutches.

Added to that, I picked up some kind of stomach bug while I was at the ER. Bleh! Keeping my fingers crossed that the swelling goes down, the bruising fades, and the bug dies a quick death before this weekend when our family is having our first Christmas get-together. Meanwhile, since I can’t do much of anything else, I’m watching Christmas movies. Next up–“Christmas in Connecticut”–one of my all-time faves!