scratching your head over Harlequin’s new self-publishing imprint Harlequin Horizons?  I admit to a little bit of confusion–okay, make that a lot of confusion–about why they would do such a thing and the more I read, the more puzzled I became.

So, yeah, I went searching for answers and I have to tell you, this thing is all over the Internet.  Blogs everywhere are talking about it.  I’m surprised it hasn’t become one of the hot topics on Twitter.  Of course, since I’ve been busy with the edits on Storm Shadows, I haven’t been paying much attention to Twitter, so it very well could be the “Trending Topics” list.

Anyway, in my search for understanding–okay, okay, my inbred nosiness–I went looking for someone who could make sense of this for me…

and eureka!  I found a post on Jackie Kessler’s blog!  It’s long but Ms. Kessler breaks the whole sorry mess down for you and doesn’t pull any punches.  Believe me, you’re not going to find a better explanation than this one.

Thanks, Ms. Kessler!