After a week of not having anything to write about and/or not being able to write because of a trip to the ophthalmologist that left me with super-dilated eyes and a horrible headache which kept me off the computer, I’m playing catchup again today.

Hmm…seems to be a way of life for me these days.

Anyway, I’ll start with a couple of things from the Dames of Dialogue blog:

First, on Wednesday Laurel-Rain Snow posted a fascintating Dames Dozen with author Stacy Juba who wrote her first book at the tender age of 16, entered it in the Avon Flare Young Adult Novel Competition and won.  It was published when she was a freshman in college.  Wow!  Since that awesome beginning, she’s had a career as a journalist and is now writing mysteries.  An interesting and inspiring interview you don’t want to miss! 

Second, Laurel-Rain also posted the Friday Favorites today, an article co-written with her son who lives in Germany and attended his first ever Oktoberfest last year.  Wonderful descriptions, fabulous pictures, and a burning question; if it starts in mid-September and runs through the first week of October, why do they call it Oktoberfest?

Beats me, but I really enjoyed reading his first-hand account of a celebration that is know the world over, Oktoberfest–A Lively Beer Festival and More!

You can check them both out at the Dames of Dialogue blog–oh, and as usual, don’t forget to leave a comment!

Back later with the other thing that’s on my mind today…