Have to disagree with Yogi on that one.  For diehard fans of the Red Sox, Cardinals, Rockies, and Twins, the baseball season is over and done.  Not to belittle the Yankees, Dodgers, Phillies, or Angels, but I just don’t care who goes to the World Series or who wins, for that matter.  Every single team I had an interest in seeing in the series has been eliminated.

I wish good luck to all the players and their managers who are still in the running.  As for the umpires who seem to be getting it wrong at every turn, open your eyes and pay attention!  You’ve reached your quota of questionable calls for the year and a lot of people are starting to wonder if you’re supplementing your income with ill-gotten gains while doing your best to see that certain teams win.  I don’t know about that, but I would like to caution you to remember the NBA ref, what was his name?  Donaghy?  Something like that.  Anyway, you need to remember what happened to him.  Is one post-season bonus worth a lifetime of guilt and finger-pointing, not to mention never being able to work in your chosen field again?

As for my pick to win the series?  The Yankees and that’s the main reason I’m not going to be paying attention to the games and/or reading any of the sports blogs.  But it’s not because I hate the Yankees, I just don’t feel like reading the comments of all the people who are going to belittle the victory by saying the Yankees bought the championship–if they win, that is.  You just know you’re going to be hearing an awful lot about the fact that the Yankees spent almost a quarter billion dollars in the off season just to make sure they got back to the play-offs.  I can’t argue that, but I can say to all the complainers, get over it.  Every single team in the league would do the same thing if they could and whining because your team doesn’t have the money to buy a championship is getting old.

Anyway, good luck to the remaining teams and oh yeah, wait till next year!

One last time until spring training: