Lots of things going on in my world right now but I wanted to post about a few of them.  I’m calling this one Friday Five…or maybe Friday Four, depends on how much time I have!

1.  Just put up a Friday Favorites post on the Dames of Dailogue blog about hats.  Yep, September is Fall Hat month and since I love hats, I signed up to write about them.  I not only love them, I also have some from the fifties that belonged to my mom and my husband’s grandmother hanging on my office wall.  Not to mention the one I had made with the dried flowers from my wedding bouquet.  You can see them all–well, all except one–on the Dames of Dialogue blog today!

2.  Did I tell you I finally set up a Facebook account?  I did but haven’t had time to do much with it yet.  I’m thinking about running a contest to get more friends when I do get it up and going so I hope you’ll stay tuned!

3.  My husband and I finally had enough of the unreliable service from our cable company and dropped it, which included phone and Internet.  We’re now using our cell phones for our home phone and we have the Verizon thingie for the Internet.  So far, so good.  Yesterday, we had the people out here from Dish TV to hook us up and the package my husband chose comes complete with NESN (New England Sports Network)–yippee!  So now I can watch NESN instead of ESPN for my sports news which is a very good thing because when they report on baseball, they concentrate on the Red Sox!  Yay!  Wasn’t that sweet of him to do that?  Who says all Yankees fans are bad?

Only problem with getting NESN on Dish TV is I tried to watch a game last night and it was blacked out!  Sheesh!  That’s not a good thing, but at least I can see the highlights and watch some other shows that I used to watch when I lived in Maine.  Plus, I’m thinking I might get to see the games when they rebroadcast them.  I’ll have to check that out but I sure hope I can!

4.  …well, shoot, I know I had a fourth one in mind when I started writing this but dang if I can think of it now.  I think all this rain we’ve had lately in western NC has seeped into my brain and turned it to mush.

…oh, I remember, it was about the Red Sox–see, mush!  I was just talking about them, for crying out loud!–we’re coming down to the wire and I’m singing Tessie every chance I get.  Got Fever Pitch in my DVD player and the soundtrack in my CD player and they’ll both stay there until the season’s over–whenever that may be!  Here’s to an awesome final few weeks and a post season to rival 2004 and 2007!

Okay, that’s it, time to go back to fighting with my muse and see if I can’t break out of this despicable writer’s block!  Anybody have any suggestions?  I’m open for just about anything!