Got a question for the more experienced–or perhaps I should say, the more computer-savvy–bloggers out there.   What the heck is the deal with these people who come to your blog and leave comments like the following:

CC8gNK whlmalxnhjfk, [url=]ngobpdstuqky[/url], [link=]kxhymhnynisi[/link], http://kwgyvvf

I get these all the time, both on this blog and on the Dames of Dialogue blogand I have to wonder about the people who leave them.  Do they really expect any blogger to approve their useless and unreadable comments or click on the link they usually include somewhere in that gobblety-gook of letters?  I never do, instead I delete each and every one of them–and yes, I broke the links on this one before I posted it.  Still, I suppose if a reader is desperate enough, they can figure out what I did and reconstruct the URL, but seriously, is there anyone out there who wants to do that?  I doubt it, but just in case, click at your own risk!

Some of them are sneaky though, and actually take the time to type a legible sentence or two that pertains to the entry they’re pretending to be commenting on…but Akismet always catches them and sends them straight to my Spam folder.

Akismet is like a lifeguard who never goes off duty, constantly patrolling the beaches of WordPress, tossing out numerous nets to snare all those unwanted visitors to our blogs, thereby saving us from drowning in the mire of stupid and senseless advertisements for things only an idiot would buy and probably don’t work anyway.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank heaven for Akismet!