DoDsmallSummer’s heating up and so are the Dames of Dialogue.  We’ve added two new Dames–more on them later–and a new feature, Friday Favorites.  Starting in August, you’ll get a post every Friday about one of our favorite things.  Should be a lot of fun and you can find the schedule under the Friday Favorite page onthe Dames of Dialogue blog.  We’ll also be giving out the Dames’ Kiss of Approval.  So tune in on Fridays and see what makes the Dames pucker up!

Now, for the newest Dames.  First, we have Betty Dravis, a multi-published fiction author, and co-author with Chase Von of Dream Reachers, a nonfiction look at people who dared to reach for their personal dream.  Second, we have Laurel-Rain Snow, another multi-published ficiton author.  To read more about either of the new Dames, just click on their names and read their author pages.

If you do, you might notice that both of the new Dames live in California.  Yep, with the summer heat and humidity here in the South, the Dames have been indulging in a little bit of California Dreamin’.  Seems I also remember something about “it never rains in California.”  With all the rain we’ve had this year and now the frequent thunderstorms, I could really go for that!