gosselinI haven’t a clue who these people are, but I really wish they’d go away.  I’m sick of seeing their faces on my computer screen every single day.

Seriously, who are they and what have they ever done to garner this type of fame notoriety?

It seems just about anybody can be famous these days for any number of reasons, the main one, IMO, an over-sized ego that doesn’t care why people are paying attention, just as long as they’re paying attention.

I used to see that  a lot when I was teaching.  You know, the kid who misbehaves just so their parents/teachers/friends/etc. will pay attention to them?  Seems they’ve grown up and are now misbehaving on the Internet. 

Does this mean we’re going to keep seeing more and more of this kind of spotlight-seeking-stupidity?

Dignity, if you’re not dead already, I’m afraid your time is coming soon…RIP

*Picture by Getty Images