clemensI really hoped we’d seen and heard the last of you, but no, here you are again. 

The really sad thing about Roger Clemens saying he wants to write a book, is the fact that some publisher out there will probably offer him an advance in the milliions to do just that.  Will anyone read it?  Probably not.  At least I hope not, my wish for any book by Roger Clemens is that it sells about as well as the book about Alex Rodrigez that came out a couple of months ago by that SI writer.  The way I hear it, that one’s not doing so well.

Wait, now that I think about it, Clemens getting a book deal might actually turn out to be a good thing.  Let’s say some publisher pays him an outrageous advance to write his book of lies, and then it doesn’t sell anywhere near enough copies to warrant the payment of such a large advance.  Surely, someone, somewhere might finally get the message that no one cares to read a book by a used-up sports star whose entire career was made up of lies and questionable behavior and maybe, just maybe, that will be the last of the ridiculous advances paid not just to sports stars, but to any celebrity for a book about their life.  Then, miracle of miracles, that advance money can go to someone who knows how to write and actually has a story to tell.

Okay, rant over.  Sorry but this is a pet peeve of mine and thinking about the likelihood of this piece of scum getting a book contract from some big publisher just flat-out infuriates me.  And really, I have to agree with Matt Snyder’s post on FanHouse; what’s left to tell?  More lies, and I find it hard to believe that there’s anybody out there who wants to listen.