Rain, rain, won’t you please go away,
And don’t come back some other day,
It rained the entire month of May,
I’m sick of rain, I have to say!

The month of June I beg and pray
For beaming sun day after day
I want to go outside and play
‘Neath skies of blue instead of gray!

Yes, it’s raining here–again!  We had a few days earlier in the week with sunshine and I was hoping it was an omen for June, but no, the rain came back.  At least we’re not under the Flash Flood watch anymore–for now!  Do you know how hard it is to grow a garden without sunshine?   Well, let me tell you, it can’t be done.  My garden, or what’s left of it, is slowly rotting away and I doubt we’ll see much home grown vegetables this year.  Home grown mush is about all we can hope for and who wants mush, home grown or otherwise?

On the other hand, my shade-loving perennials are doing great and the Mountain Laurels?  Gorgeous!  So I’ll leave you with a pic of one of the massive bushes in my back yard.  Hope it brightens your day wherever you are!

Mountain Laurel09.jpg