Is this all it takes?  Seriously?  Looks like I have yet another superstition to add to my ever-growing list when it comes to the Red Sox. 

About the same time I was posting that blog entry yesterday–I really need to pay more attention to the schedule when my guys are on the road!–the Red Sox, led impressively by Tim Wakefield, ended their road trip with a win.  Wake shut the A’s down for 7 1/3 innings while the rest of the team did something they usually don’t do when Wake’s on the mound–they scored runs.  Final score, Boston 8, Oakland 2.

I knew they could do it–despite my rant from yesterday–and the victory is all that much sweeter to me because it was Wake pitching.  I’ve had a semi-crush on him for years, not only is he a joy to watch–love that knuckleball!–but he always seems to step up on the mound and deliver when we need it most.

Red Sox Indians BaseballThanks for doing it again, Wake!  I always suspected it, but now I know for sure, you’re the best!