Your Task for Today – Write a List Post:

Today your task is to write a ‘list post’ on your blog. You may not choose to publish it today if you already have something lined up – but aim to publish it in the next day or two if you can.

I have to say, I’m not exactly batting a thousand with this “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” thing.  First, an elevator pitch, and second, a list.  Bah!  I hate lists almost as much as I hate writing an elevator pitch…or a synopsis…or a query letter…or a blurb…or, well, you get the idea.

The only good thing is I have some extra time and the information on his blog about writing a list post is great…and in writing about how much I don’t like writing list posts, I came up with a list to write.

So, here it is, my list of Things I Hate About Being a Writer:

1.  Writing list posts–yep, that had to be number one.  Okay, I know that’s more about writing a blog but it counts because I keep hearing about how every writer needs to have a blog, so it’s my number one, at least for today.  Tomorrow it may be something entirely different.

2.  Writing elevator pitches–now see, if I had been writing this post yesterday, that would’ve been number one, but a day later, it takes the number two spot because I’ve written the one for my blog, I just haven’t posted it yet, and all three dames of the Dames of Dialogue are working on the elevator pitch for that blog, so I don’t have to do it alone.

3.  Writing a query letter–this is pretty much ongoing for me and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it every day, just on the days when I actually get some writing done and have something to submit to a publisher, which lately, well, not so much.

4.  Writing a synopsis–detailed or not, this is very hard for me.  There’s only one thing harder and that is…

5.  Writing a blurb–why is that harder, you ask?  Well, some publishers have a set word count and in that small amount of words allowed, you have to entice the reader to buy your book.  I’ve read numerous articles over the years about the best way to do this, but not a one of them is surefire and none of them guarantee that if you follow them you will reach the ultimate goal; which is essentially to make the reader plunk down their hard-earned money to buy your book.

6.  Filling out a cover art form–this is a lot like a blurb or a tagline for your book, you have to choose the one scene or a picture that will sum up for the reader what your book is about and it has to be appealing.  You know that old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words?  Yeah, well, to a writer, the cover picture might just be worth a thousand sales.  Then again, if you choose the wrong one or the cover artist doesn’t exactly get what you’re going for, it could be worth a thousand embarrassments!  Thank goodness, Lisa and Linda at L&L Dreamspell don’t make their authors fill out cover art forms!

7.  Speaking of taglines–yep, I hate coming up with those too, both for my writing and for my books, although I will say, the books are a little easier.  I do have a tagline for my website, but it doesn’t really cover all of my writing because I don’t always write books based on legends, although all of my paranormal romances do have one or more legends woven into the plot somewhere.

8.  Writing an author bio–thank goodness you can re-use these, but even the best bio needs to be scrutinized and and updated with each book you publish.  Bios are like author pics, you can’t use the same one for years and years, somebody’s bound to notice that you’ve either discovered the fountain of youth or you’re cheating by using a picture of yourself that was taken years ago.  And that leads me to the last item on my list…

9.  Having my picture made–this is a long-standing “hate” for me and I’ve found that as an author, I have to do it more than I’d like, and I have to let people see those pictures.  I’ve always hated getting my picture made and tend to hide whenever anyone near me has a camera in hand.  The extreme opposite of my husband, my niece, and my nephew-in-law, who when they see a camera instinctively smile and sometimes even pose.  I just don’t get that, but tend to think it has to be some sort of mental disability they all share!

So, there you have it, the top nine things I don’t like about being a writer.  With the exception of the first and last, they all have to do with curtailing my natural tendency to ramble, although according to Problogger, that’s one of the reasons for writing a list post for a blog, because it keeps the writer from rambling.

Oops, guess that one didn’t work for me!