I’ve been ignoring this blog for the last week or so as I set up a new blog for the Dames of Dialogue on WordPress and transferred all of our posts from our other host to the new site.  We had a few problems getting it up and going, but with the help of Sheri at WordPress Support, those are all behind us now and the blog is–at last!–live.  We’re at http://damesofdialogue.wordpress.com/.  Drop by and say hi!

Other than the glitches with setting up the blog, the last week has been a good one–well, if you don’t count the weather.  We’ve had days and days and days of rain and I don’t think it’s ever going to stop.  I thought April was the month for rain, but this year, March has been like a monsoon season.  Beyond the misery it causes my dogs, I’m ready for a few days of sunshine so I can get my garden started.  Dare I hope that since March has been so rainy, April will be full of sunshine? 

A couple of important happenings this week in my writing life.  First, Snow Shadows is now available at Mountain Lore Books and More in beautiful, historic downtown Hendersonville!  Yippee!  I’m in a bookstore!

Second, I received the contracts for the two anthologies I have stories in with L&L Dreamspell; The Secret Life of Alice Smitty in PMS: Poison + Murder = Satisfaction and Third Time’s for Keeps in Romance of My Dreams.  Which means they should be coming out soon.  Double Yippee!

Other than that, I’m still editing Storm Shadows.  Bleh!  I’m beginning to think I’m never going to get this one to the point where I feel comfortable sending it to my publisher.  That sucks, especially since I got the proof file of PMS the other day and Lisa and Linda were nice enough to edit the bio I sent them to include mention of both Snow Shadows and Storm Shadows.

I’m hoping that might work as inspiration for me to get that thing finished!