How cool is it that First Lady Michelle Obama is putting in a vegetable garden at the White House for the first time since Eleanor Roosevelt? 

I love gardening, whether it’s growing vegetables or flowers.  One thing I’m looking forward to this year is planting a vegetable garden now that we’re in a house.  Couldn’t do that in an apartment and boy, did I miss it.  My garden won’t be anywhere as large as the First Lady’s, but the size doesn’t matter, it’s the pleasure of growing things from seed that means the most to me.

A few likenesses that made me smile while reading about this year’s White House garden:

Mrs. Obama plans to include a number of herbs in her garden–something I always do in my vegetable gardens.  Beyond the value of companion planting, I just flat-out love the way they smell.

Mrs. Obama plans to line the walkways of her garden with marigolds, zinnias, and other flowers.  Marigolds and zinnias, two flowers I never fail to plant in my vegetable gardens.  The zinnias because they’re so cheerful and bright, as are the marigolds, but the marigolds are also very good at keeping away certain garden pests.

There will be no beets in the White House garden because President Obama hates beets, as does my husband.  I can usually count on him to eat just about anything, except beets.  He absolutely hates them!

So tomorrow, my husband gets to use his new toy to till up my garden.  Then next weekend, he’ll put up a fence around it to keep the dogs from digging up what I plant and the weekend after that, if the weather’s warm enough, we’ll be planting–if I can wait that long!

I can almost taste the fresh green beans (my favorite) right now!