Spent most of this past weekend learning how to get around on Squidoo–very confusing for a computer moron like me!–and rewriting the prologue for Storm Shadows, which I’m happy to say, I think I’ve finally gotten right.  Hopefully, the rest of the revisions on the book will come easier now that I have a beginning I like.

Other than that, not much going on in my life right now except…yeah, you guessed it, baseball!  The U.S. stayed alive in the WBC yesterday by beating the Netherlands, a team I thought just might win the whole thing due to their drive and enthusiasm.  Hey, stranger things have happened, right?   

Dustin Pedroia is no longer playing for team U.S., but is back in Florida because of what turned out to be a strained left abdominal muscle–and thanks to Youk for talking him out of staying and trying to play through the injury!  Julio Lugo is scheduled for surgery on his right knee tomorrow–Lugo on the DL?  Who’d’ve thought?  Sorry, couldn’t resist the sarcasm.  I know there are a lot of people out there who like Lugo but it seems to me every time I turn around he’s injured.  I’m beginning to side with the fans who are screaming for Boston to get rid of him because he’s not worth what they’re paying.

Speaking of players who might not be worth their paycheck, Manny Ramirez is already on the Dodgers DL.  Hmm…I have to wonder at that.  Could it be that Manny’s not happy?  And could it be that L.A.’s about to get a taste of Manny being Manny?

I can’t say, but I can say my fangirl crush on him is–thankfully!–over and done with.  I’ve seen more than enough and given his comments after Jonathan Papelbon’s interview in Esquire, I think the time has come for me to leave him behind.

So this is the end of my Manny era.  I’m turning him over to the L.A. fans and I sincerely hope they enjoy his antics.  I also hope he lives up to their expectations.  He probably will, but who can say for how long?  In all likelihood, before the end of this season, they’ll either love him or wish they’d never heard his name. 

Say it with me all you LA fans, “That’s just Manny being Manny!”

As for me, I think I’ll turn my attentions to Jon Lester (who the Red Sox just signed for five years!)…or Mike Lowell (welcome back, Mikey!)…or maybe Jacoby Ellsbury…or David Ortiz…or Tim Wakefield…