Yesterday I finally broke free of the writer’s block that has been strangling me for the last couple of months. I have to tell you, if you’re a writer, there’s no hell on earth quite as vicious as not being able to write.  You have to fight for every single word and then, when you go back and read the words you pulled–kicking and screaming!–from some dark, shadowy corner of your mind, it all sounds like crap.  More often than not, I end up deleting those words I fought so hard for, but today, after writing more than two thousand words yesterday, when I opened the file this morning and read what I’d written, well, let’s just say I might actually keep them.  Yippee!

So what broke the block for me?  Well, doing something I really, really, really, hate to do; an outline–of sorts.  To be more specific, a timeline.

You see,  I’ve been working, or trying to work, on one of my WIPs titled Winds of Fate, a story based on the legend of how Blowing Rock, North Carolina got its name.  And since I always worry about stealing someone else’s words or ideas when I’m working with a known legend, I’ve embellished the story to make it my own, so to speak, and added elements of two more Cherokee legends, one about the Wind Messengers and yet another about reincarnation.

And it was the reincarnation one that did it.  The main characters are on their seventh lifetime together when my story takes place and for the sake of consistency, I need to nail down at least the bare basics of those prior lifetimes; dates, names, etc.

It’s complicated and could very likely lead to me pulling out all my hair, but its also interesting and entertaining and most important, it’s gotten me back to writing again, thank God.  So hopefully, this despicable block is behind me and I am, as the title of this blog entry says…

Free at last!

* My apologies to Martin Luther King for using his words.  I know they were, and still are, meant to convey a deeper, more profound meaning, but they were the first thing to come to my mind when I started writing this blog entry.