Some of you may notice I’ve been playing around with my blog; new header, new title, new tagline, same theme…but I still can’t figure out how to get my book cover up there in the sidebar!  Grrr!  And that’s even more important now because I have an ebook coming out on December 4th.  More on that later… 

Okay, ABC…All Books for Christmas!  What’s that about?  I’m glad you asked; a fellow LLD author sent me the following link to the Editorial Ass blog:

A very interesting and informative post, especially for authors.  And I’d just like to say, that I’m fully behind this Christmas book-giving thing.  As of now, my Christmas list has changed; everybody on it–and I do mean everybody, even my non-reading husband–will be getting books from me.  Woo-hoo!  Nothing I like better than spending time in a bookstore and buying a ton of books.

And so what if several of those books on my list happen to be from an author I’m, uh, shall we say, personally acquainted with?  After all, I want the people on my list to have the best!

Seriously though, I fully intend to give books this year and I really hope a lot of other people will do the same.  But if you find yourself without someone to buy a book for this Christmas, check out the comment by Julie Weathers–it’s the thirteenth one, unless I counted wrong–where she mentions an organization called Books for Soldiers.  A very worthy cause!

So, thanks to Pauline for bringing the Editorial Ass–read the FAQ on her blog if you want to find out just what an Editorial Ass is.  I guarantee you’ll be laughing before you finish reading her answer to the first question!–to my attention and thanks to Ms. Weathers for reminding us of the importance of supporting our soldiers.  If doing that doesn’t bring out the Christmas spirit in you, I don’t know what will!

And now for the later I referred to above:  we’ll call this the BSP (blatant-self-promotion) portion of our program.  If you just happen to wander over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or even Fictionwise for your Christmas books, check out Snow Shadows.  Or you could go to the Red Rose Publishing site sometime next month and pick up a copy of Unwilling Angel.  They both take place at Christmas so they should get you in the Christmas mood, and like all romance novels, they have a happy ending.  What better way to get into the Christmas spirit?  And if you have someone on your list who likes paranormal romance and/or fantasy romance, perfect!