I’ve come to the conclusion I’m no good at promotion.  Added to that, I hate it with a purple passion.  But, it’s all part of being an author and something I have to do because, well, I haven’t made anywhere near enough money from writing to hire someone to do it for me.  That’s a dream for the future and a pretty good inspiration to keep promoting.

Anyway, if you’re like me and would rather have a root canal than promote your book, I have a couple of interesting and possibly invaluable sites for you.

The first one is a site called MyBooksOut.  Authors can join the group and list their books, the buy links, any review links, and links to sample chapters and they even provide you with an easy-to-follow format.  You can list as many books as you want, but only once per week for each book and they ask that you do a separate post for each one.  Easy to do and most important for a beginning writer, free!

The second is more of a promotion help-site–I know there’s probably a specific term or even a better way of putting it, but you get the idea.  Promotion_Loop_Schedule posts the different Yahoo groups each day that will accept promos, blurbs, excerpts, etc., on that particular day.  Having tried to maintain a file on the many Yahoo groups I belong to, I can tell you this could prove to be an invaluable tool for promoting.  Not to mention an incredible time-saver!  I belong to over 50 Yahoo groups but in most cases, they only allow authors to promote on certain days–Monday seems to be the promo day!–and they only allow certain things from the authors.  I was extremely glad to find this group, if for only the information on when and where I can promote each day.  But from what I’ve seen, they also include a little bit of information on what I can post, and how–that is, any restrictions or guidelines the group has.  The who is, of course, me as an author.  And yes, it’s free!

The thing is…in my world, writing a book is easy and fun.  Promoting a book can turn you into a feral, potentially dangerous person.  But with sites like these, it’s relatively painless!  I can really get behind that!