First, the clarification; in my post “Another reason I absolutely WILL NOT vote for Sarah Palin”, I did not say Governor Palin was Hitler, I said that’s what I thought of when I read the articles about her threatening to fire a librarian if the librarian didn’t take certain books off the shelf of the library.  And I’d be willing to bet a lot of people had the same thought when they read that.

Second, to quote Mayella Ewell from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee:

“I got somethin’ to say an’ then I ain’t gonna say no more.”

I’ve gotten some pretty nasty comments regarding that post and I’ve chosen not to approve those comments.  I might have let them pass, as I did with the first few, but when they start accusing me of calling people names and/or ridiculing people who disagree with me, well, sorry but I’m not going to let those comments see the light of day. 

The thing is…if you read the post and the comments, you’ll see I wasn’t the one doing the name calling, or ridiculing someone else’s opinions, or objecting to the fact that they disagreed with me.  I simply said it was my blog and my opinion and I had the right to vote the way I chose.  It was the McCain/Palin supporters who called me “infantile” and implied I was prejudiced in their comments.

I don’t like that kind of behavior and I’m not going to condone it on my blog.  If you disagree with me, so be it.  That’s your right, but rest assured, I have the power of veto on this blog and I won’t let your comments get through.  Yes, I know, ironic, isn’t it?  Let’s just call it my own personal version of censorship.  If you want to debate the choice of presidential candidates, there are many, many places you can go, both on- and off-line, to do that and at a lot of those places you can get as down and dirty as you want about the blogger and/or the other people commenting, but not here. 

I’ve made my decision about who I’m going to vote for, and all of you with your objections and comments, aren’t doing anything but confirming that I made the right choice.  If I ever do change my mind about Governor Palin, which I’ll admit is very doubtful, I’ll do it based on my own research and my own beliefs, not because someone disagrees with my choice. 

Like I said in my own comment back to those first comments I received, it’s my vote and my choice.  Added to that, it’s nobody’s business but my own.  And please, don’t come back and tell me–again–that when I hit the “publish” button, I open the subject up for debate.  I’m not looking for a debate and besides, I can’t believe the opinion of one aspiring author makes much of a difference to you.  There are plenty of undecided voters out there, maybe your time would be better spent trying to sway one of them to your side.  Also, I’m not “spreading rumors and lies” about Governor Palin, as some of you accused me of doing.  The attempt at book banning and the shooting of wolves from the air which Governor Palin seems to support have been blasted all over the Internet and in the newspapers for days now.  I didn’t make them up and from everything I’ve read, I choose to believe they’re true.  

And that’s it.  I will not post anything else on this blog about the upcoming Presidential election.  Believe me, I have enough going on right now.  I have an ebook coming out tomorrow, a print book that’s already out and needs my attention, two dogs who need my care and regard, a new home to organize, a husband and a family.  In short, I have a life to lead.  I’m not wasting any more of my time dealing with the anger and hurt that comes from people falsely accusing me of prejudice or implying I’m an idiot because of my personal choices.  So if you want to comment, feel free, but I guarantee you, the chances of anyone besides me ever reading those comments are somewhere down around ground zero.