Right now, my time is almost completely taken up with the two new members of our family, Missy and Desperado.  They are sister and brother black Lab mix canines–somehow, the word dog just doesn’t seem to do justice to their beauty–three years old and well, in my eyes, gorgeous!  I’m spending a lot of time with them as they adjust to their new home and deal with the grief of losing their owner to cancer.  Missy especially needs a lot of attention, and poor Des has a tendency to brood at times, but we’re slowly coming to terms with the changes in all of our lives.

So, as I’m busy developing a relationship with my two new best friends, I haven’t been paying much attention to the news of the 2008 election.  Other than to catch a headline here and skim an article there, you might say the election is off my radar right now–until this morning when I happened to catch a recent post on the Mudflats blog about Sarah Palin’s attempt to ban books.  Unfortunately for Governor Palin, she was, as she should have been, prevented from doing that, but still!  Come on, banning books?  There’s nothing guaranteed to piss a teacher/author/avid reader off more than talk of banning books.

According to what I read, no one knows exactly what books she wanted to ban or how many.  Not that it matters because IMO, it only takes one and it doesn’t matter which one it is.  And I have to ask myself what kind of person Sarah Palin is if she not only advocates the mass murder of innocent animals, but also the banning of books?

I admit I’m not as informed on this topic as I could be, but really, Governor Palin brings one person to mind for me; Hitler.  I believe she’s as arrogant as he was, and just as likely to try to shove her beliefs down our throats until we choke on them.  I also believe she doesn’t care how many people have to suffer or how many animals have to die to achieve her goal.  Do we really want someone like that as our Vice President?

Even worse, can you imagine what she’d do if she was given even more power, like say if something happened to McCain? 

I’m not much of a political activist and I’m sure there are many people out there who can give me all sorts of reasons why I’m making too much of these two incidents in Governor Palin’s past.  But all I can think of when I think of her name on the ballot in November is the tagline from the 1986 version of “The Fly”:

Be afraid, be very afraid.